Virtual land grabs and climate change

Expanding the acreage of organically farmed land to 20% would increase the EU's virtual land importation by 30%. And policies to achieve the EU’s 10% biofuel objective would also increase the rate of EU land-grabs.

European Parliament resolution of 26 November 2009 on the FAO Summit and food security

22. Stresses that farmland acquisition by foreign investors, particularly in Africa, must not have an adverse impact on local food security or lead to unsustainable land use; points out that it may also have positive effects by bringing land into productive use; urges the FAO and the Member States to work towards common rules and legislative proposals which recognise the right of local people in every country to control farmland and other natural resources vital to their food security;

Global land acquisition: trends and challenges

As land acquisition becomes increasingly borderless, new mechanisms and codes of conduct are required to govern the relationship between investors, governments and local communities.