Mesoamerican meeting of communities against oil palm

Communities and organizations from Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico came together in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico to share their experiences with the advance of industrial oil palm monoculture and its impacts.

Smurfit Kappa Colombia: vete del Cauca

Smurfit Kappa, el mayor acaparador de tierras del departamento del Cauca, se está lucrando a base de la destrucción de las tierras ancestrales del pueblo indígena Misak.

Fighting agrocolonialism in the Congo

This comic is based on field research conducted around the Feronia palm oil plantation in Tshopo province in north-east DR Congo as part of a British-Academy funded project on “environmental defenders and atmospheres of violence” hosted by the University of Sussex.

Agricultural productivity as performance: A tale of two Mozambican corridors

In order to attract capital, selected regions for development projects must dramatize their potential as places for investment, carefully selecting project locations and participants who will make compromises so as to conceal failure, virtually guaranteeing that the programme will be declared a success when the time comes for evaluation.