Imbroglio around 20,000 ha in northern Senegal

Here is a new video about one of the biggest cases of agricultural land grabbing in Senegal: 20,000 hectares, first allocated to Senhuile-Sénéthanol, now known as Les Fermes de la Téranga.

Contribution au débat sur l’accaparement de terres

Lorsqu’un puissant vole un pays entier, c’est un « monsieur », mais lorsqu’un pauvre occupe un petit lopin de terre pour vivre, c’est un « voleur » et un usurpateur ; le premier est applaudi (et, parfois, devient même président) tandis que le second est expulsé, voire emprisonné, ou réprimé.

Papua tribe moves to block clearing of its ancestral forest for palm oil

Members of the Auyu tribe of Papua, Indonesia, are demanding a halt to the operations of palm oil company PT Indo Asiana Lestari (IAL), which appears to be gearing up to clear their ancestral forests. IAL’s concession is part of the Tanah Merah megaproject that is already dogged by allegations that key operating permits have been falsified.

The financialisation of land sales

Watch the recording of a panel discussion from the Oxford Real Farming Conference with FIAN International, Agter and Land Matrix Ukraine