Décrypter le Groupe Socfin

Ce rapport examine les activités du groupe Socfin, une holding basée au Luxembourg qui intervient dans la production d’huile de palme et de caoutchouc en Asie et en Afrique, et dispose d’environ 400 000 hectares de concessions dans dix pays.

再见 Hengfu (Goodbye, Hengfu)

Almost a decade since government of Cambodia granted 40,000 hectares land concession to five Chinese companies believed to be subsidiaries of a single Chinese owned firm, Hengfu. The whole project that affected indigenous Kuoy community has now fallen apart.

Unravelling the Socfin Group

A new report by Profundo provides an overview of the ownership and holding structure of the SOCFIN group, a Luxembourg-based holding that has 400,000 hectares of plantation concessions in ten countries.

Massive Chinese sugarcane firm disappears from Preah Vihear

Chinese sugarcane concessionaire Rui Feng and four linked firms seemed to have shut down their operations in the combined 40,000-hectare sugarcane plantation in northern Cambodia, with little public notice of the closure. All firms have faced multiple land disputes, especially with indigenous minorities.