Daewoo / Madagasikara : 10 taona aty aoriana

Ny faha-18 novambra taona 2008 no nampahafantaran’ny gazety anglisy « Financial Times » fa eo am-panaovana fifanarahana goavana be ny orinasa Daewoo Logistics sy ny governemantan’i Madagasikara. Folo taona aty aoriana, inona no zava-misy iaraha-mahita ?

Tanzanian farmers crack the code for fighting land grab

Villages across Tanzania are using legal expertise, political pressure and smart solutions like land mapping to win back plots — and then secure them — from corporations they accuse of using loopholes to grab territory.

Chinese help in agriculture

Officials are tight-lipped about the critical issue of land acquisition in Pakistan by Chinese state-run or private firms for furthering cooperation in agriculture, which was an important feature of the CPEC long-term plan

The global farmland grab by pension funds needs to stop

Money from pension funds has fuelled the financial sector's massive move into farmland investing over the past decade. The number of pension funds involved in farmland investment and the amount of money they are deploying into it is increasing, under the radar.

Des villageois veulent faire plier une multinationale

En RDC, neuf communautés villageoises ont déposé plainte contre la société canadienne Feronia auprès de la Banque de développement allemande. Ils dénoncent le vol illégal de leurs terres. On en parle avec Jean-François Mombia Atuku, représentant de RIAO-RDC.