Hungary: Orbán’s land war with EU

Currently reserved for Hungarians, farmlands will be available for purchase by foreigners from 2014. But as this EU imposed deadline looms, PM Viktor Orbán government is doing all it can to delay it. Meanwhile small farmers are battling with wealthy candidates, often close to sources of political power, for the most attractive lots.

Land sharing vs. Land grabbing

Land grabbing does not only affect farmers in developing countries, but also European farmers. Demeter farms and community-supported agriculture offer examples of successful land management which are practising new and alternative land property models already for decades.

Hoe groot mag het offer zijn?

Vruchtbaar en goedkoop land is gewild. In Afrika jagen zakenlui op dit 'groene goud'. Trouw schreef er een serie over. Ook in de Mekong-regio in Zuidoost-Aziëwordt land van bewoners afgepakt, vooral voor de rubberproductie. Foute zaak, zeggen mensenrechtenclubs. Maar de autoriteiten zijn blij met de investeerders.

Cambodians call for ‘blood sugar’ boycott

An EU scheme to boost trade with developing nations is fueling land grabs in Cambodia, activists say, with thousands evicted from their property to make way for a booming sugar industry.