Money for Russia’s agriculture

Russia’s VTB Capital plans $1bn agriculture fund which will begin by buying assets in Russia and Kazakhstan – from land to processing companies.

Kingdom to double wheat reserves

Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Agriculture calls Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine “probable countries of investment” in farmland and confirms Kingdom's continued interest in farmland in south Sudan.


According to Rahat Aliev, on 21 February 2011 Kazakh President Nazarbayev signed an agreement with the Chinese government handing over one million hectares of fertile farmland on lease for 99 years

Saudia Arabia eyes US for ag investing, contracts

Saudi Arabian investors are looking to expand their agricultural investments in the United States to secure long-term food supply because of water shortages in the desert kingdom, Saudi officials said on Thursday.

Wikileaks: Kazakhstan: Chinese land-lease deal stirs up controversy

"Despite a December 23, 2009, Interfax press report that President Nazarbayev instructed the prosecutors to punish those who disseminate information about the sale of land to foreigners, opposition leaders have continued to advocate against the transfer of land to China," reports the US Embassy in Astana