Kazakhstan’s land reforms

While there is near consensus that foreigners should not have the right to own farmland in Kazakhstan, opinions are deeply divided on the issue of granting leases to foreigners.

Kazakh leader evokes Ukraine as land protests spread

The protests were sparked by opposition to a legal overhaul that will allow the government to sell farmland to joint ventures, provided they are controlled by Kazakh residents, and lease it to foreigners for up to 25 years. Opponents of the new law, who staged their first protest in the city of Atyrau last Sunday, see the change as a threat to national security, especially after the government announced several agreements with neighboring China for agricultural projects.

Crowd protests land sales in Kazakhstan

Protest in Kazakh city of Atyrau comes as public fears grow that changes in the Land Code could allow sales of land to foreigners, though the government has said this will not happen.