Saudia Arabia eyes US for ag investing, contracts

Saudi Arabian investors are looking to expand their agricultural investments in the United States to secure long-term food supply because of water shortages in the desert kingdom, Saudi officials said on Thursday.

Saudi to phase out water intensive crops

Saudi Arabia plans to phase out production of water intensive crops such as wheat, soybeans and animal fodder. "It would be best to grow these kinds of crops outside Saudi Arabia," says the kingdom's water and electricity minister.

The worldwide grab of farmland and water resources

Together with GMO, the land grab wave that is spreading across Africa and other countries in the "developing world" should be brought to the attention of all interested Ghanaians. It is important for Ghanaians to avoid falling for it.

Il n’y a pas que les vaches qui rient

Dans tout le flou et le vague qui règnent autour du projet Daewoo, il y avait au moins une certitude : les Sud-coréens se proposaient de louer des terres qui seraient restées à Madagascar. L’eau de Faraony quant à elle, quittera bel et bien la Grande Ile, et en grande quantité.

Malaysia's global oil palm rainforest land grab just the beginning of larger land and water scarcity issues

Over-developed, over-populated, and land and water scarce Asian and Middle East nations embark upon global land grab to produce food and agrofuels; threatening global human rights, rainforest and other natural ecosystems, and regional and global ecological sustainability. Deadly global ecological issues require global citizens to unite in escalating protest action!

All hands to the pumps

Are there any answers to this looming crisis? Some countries are buying land. There is vague talk about governments introducing “water management reforms”. Even more opaquely, there are calls for “multi-country discussions on trans-boundary issues, international trade and investment flows”.

Water calculus steers farming in Arab nations

Global food shortages have placed the Middle East and North Africa in a quandary, as they are forced to choose between growing more crops to feed an expanding population or preserving their already scant supply of water.