• Marcha del Agua exitosa en Perú
    • Celendin LIbre
    • 14 February 2012

    Tras largas protestas contra destrucción de lagunas de proyecto minero, campesinos de la región de Cajamarca marcharon a Lima y convocaron a miles tras de ellos y la simpatía de millones

  • Africa's great 'water grab'
    • The Guardian
    • 24 November 2011

    Foreign investors aren't just after land in Africa. Access to water is essential – which can bring them into direct competition with the needs of local communities

  • La fiebre de cultivos perturba África
    • El País
    • 31 October 2011

    La carrera internacional para explotar tierras fértiles en el continente amenaza el equilibrio en el reparto del agua y espolea protestas de comunidades campesinas

  • Is water the hidden agenda of land acquisition in Africa?
    • TNI
    • 14 October 2011

    A study of sub-Saharan Africa raises concerns that large-scale commercial agriculture could cause unforeseen but disproportionate impacts on access to water by small-scale producers.

  • Extranjeros tras la tierra y el agua
    • Ecoportal
    • 29 September 2011

    Tal vez ello puede explicar en Colombia parte de los planes de guerra y expulsión de población en algunas zonas del país, con riqueza hídrica y tierras fértiles.

  • Africa for sale
    • International Rivers
    • 14 September 2011

    Land and water grabs spell disaster for rural people and rivers

  • New fear of civil war in Sudan
    • IPS
    • 13 June 2011

    The escalation of violence around the north-south border in the run-up to Sudan’s big divide has sparked fears of a new civil war, but experts contend that the issue is more about land and water rather than oil.

  • Cultiver en Afrique pour profiter de son eau
    • Slate Afrique
    • 30 May 2011

    «Il est clair que l’enjeu n’est pas seulement les terres, mais l’eau», affirme Philip Woodhouse, de l’université de Manchester.

  • African land grab could lead to future water conflicts
    • New Scientist
    • 26 May 2011

    A new study into how virtual water moves around the world offers an explanation for the farmland leasing strategy, reports New Scientist

  • Water shortages threaten growth in Gulf states
    • Arabian Business
    • 18 May 2011

    Gulf states have opted to buy up large tracts of farmland in developing countries in a bid to safeguard their food supplies – a strategy that risks exporting their water shortages to other nations, analysts said.

  • ‘Farming abroad must focus on green water sources’
    • Gulf Times
    • 11 May 2011

    Non-renewable water sources, such as lakes and aquifers, will not withstand significant foreign investment and intense agricultural production.

  • Global land grab: The ongoing struggle (and a lost opportunity?)
    • Water Channel
    • 06 May 2011

    Are land and water rights for real? How can they be guaranteed in the face of the insurmountable bargaining power that big corporations seem to posses?

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