Liquid gold

In an era when many countries are starting to worry about food security, foreign agribusiness might buy into the rural water market here in Australia and use permanent water holdings to dictate how our farmland should be used.

Argentina: la extranjerización de la tierra

Las iniciativas orientadas a frenar la "extranjerización" que impulsan los diputados nacionales Orsolini y Conti apuntan, en principio, a evitar la concentración de propiedades y a establecer un control anual de las zonas donde se acumulan recursos estratégicos del país, como el agua o las reservas de minerales

Namibia: Will farm project mean the river runs dry?

"Local businessmen make deals with foreign investors and convince tribal authorities in the area to give them land, but the water from the river is not just for people to take," says Water Affairs Under Secretary A. Nehemia who had not been informed about the farm.