Who's who of South America corporate farm giants
    With the surge of corporate farms in Argentina and Brazil over the past two to three years, I thought it would be useful to compile a list of the biggest groups with a short description of each.
    • Progressive Farmer
    • 12 Aug 2010
    Dreyfus sees commods consolidation, sugar next
    Volatility in commodity markets tends to boost consolidation in the agriculture sector as firms require more capital and improved risk management, the executive officer of French giant Louis Dreyfus said Tuesday. One of the company's focus now is on farmland.
    • Reuters
    • 27 Oct 2009
    Japan changes tack to fix food shortage
    After focusing for decades on oil, metals and minerals, Japan's huge trading houses are turning to agricultural commodities, with Tokyo enthusiastically supporting the shift amid concerns about local and global food security .
    • Financial Times
    • 03 Aug 2009
    Commodity giants on our shores
    “We have a land fund in South America, we have in Ukraine. Now we are developing one in Africa. We need to acquire land for farming,” says Guy de Montule, Louis Dreyfus’ chief executive officer for Middle East and Africa
    • Business Day
    • 23 Feb 2009
    PE looks at Brazilian agriculture
    Private equity funds remain optimistic that Brazil’s farm sector offers investment opportunities despite the deteriorating world credit market, executives said on Thursday.
    • PE Hub
    • 11 Oct 2008
    Private equity bullish on Brazil ag despite crisis
    Private equity funds remain optimistic that Brazil's farm sector offers investment opportunities despite the deteriorating world credit market, executives said on Thursday.
    • Reuters
    • 09 Oct 2008
    Enter the new farmers
    What’s with farming these days? The humble, even if slightly romantic vocation, is attracting a new breed of participants as investing in farmland and agriculture becomes the latest fad in the world of investments.
    • Reuters
    • 25 Jul 2008
    Financializing Food: Schroders Closes One Fund, Launches New as Speculative Money Continues to Flood into Commodity Funds
    Gobal fund manager Schroders is launching an Agricultural Land Fund, only months after closing its USD 6 billion Alternative Solutions Agriculture Fund due to excessive investor demand.
    • Indonesia Investmenet Coordinating Board
    • 08 Jul 2008
    Food Is Gold, So Billions Invested in Farming
    Huge investment funds have already poured hundreds of billions of dollars into booming financial markets for commodities like wheat, corn and soybeans. But a few big private investors are starting to make bolder and longer-term bets that the world’s need for food will greatly increase — by buying farmland, fertilizer, grain elevators and shipping equipment.
    • New York Times
    • 05 Jun 2008
    Calyx Agro Completes Initial Equity Financing
    Calyx Agro is a newly created venture focused on the acquisition, development, rental and operation of agricultural land located in South America with an emphasis on Brazil.
    • Reuters
    • 13 May 2008

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