Defamatory vs defamation

Over the past few years, civil society groups have been drawn into a serious of legal actions to defend the rights of people to talk about what they see and experience as land grabbing and other abuses committed not only by multinational corporations in the agribusiness arena, but government authorities and local elites as well.

Diffamatoire ou diffamation ?

Au cours des dernières années, des organisations de la société civile ont été impliqués dans une série d’actions juridiques pour défendre le droit des gens de s’exprimer sur ce qu’ils voient et vivent comme un accaparement des terres.

Malen women cry for help

The women of Malen, Sierra Leone are demanding that the lands taken from them by SOCFIN be returned to them so they can go back to their farms for their own agricultural activities and be able to take care of their families.