Oakland Institute

The new African land grab

African farmers do need investment and support. They desperately need decent roads and access to local markets, processing equipment to add value to their own diverse farm produce, storage and drying facilities to prevent post-harvest losses, and basic amenities such as schools and health centres and water wells to improve rural lives, so that farming communities can thrive. But foreign investors are not in business to provide any of these things.

Les financiers achètent massivement des terres en Afrique

« Certains investisseurs racontent qu'il est très facile d'acquérir une terre, qu'ils peuvent avoir généralement ce qu'ils veulent en donnant une bouteille de Johny Walker au chef de tribu et en lui promettant des emplois et du progrès, promesses qui ne sont pas tenues » s'indigne Anuradha Mittal, directeur d'Oakland Institute.

Land grabs are cheap deals for rich countries

The International Financial Corporation has actually increased the ability of foreign investors to acquire land in developing country markets by promoting profitable deals, creating “investment promotion agencies” and rewriting national laws., says Anuradha Mittal