• IFC lends a hand in great "land grab"
    • Bretton Woods Project
    • 20 November 2009

    As the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector arm of the World Bank, announces plans to increase investment in agribusiness by up to 30 per cent in the next three years, NGO reports shed light on the IFC's role in the 'land grab' movement and flaws in its approach to the food crisis.

  • Rich countries feeding on poor countries' farmland
    • ENS
    • 02 November 2009

    These issues will be central to the World Summit on Food Security to be held from November 16 through 18 at the headquarters of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome.

  • The great land grab: Rush for world's farmland threatens food security for the poor
    • Oakland Institute
    • 08 October 2009

    A new report from the Oakland Institute lays bare the insidious role played by international financial institutions like the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank and Foreign Investment Advisory Service, as well as rich nations, in promoting and facilitating this widespread land reappropriation--all in the name of promoting food security through foreign investment in agriculture.

  • Send a letter calling on the financial backers of Agilis Partners to stop the land grabs and human rights violations against the Kiryandongo community in Uganda
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