EXPOSED: The Black Sea grain deal did not feed poor countries, the mass sale of Ukrainian farmland

Going Underground | 1 Aug 2023

EXPOSED: The Black Sea Grain Deal Did NOT Feed Poor Countries, The Mass Sale of Ukrainian Farmland

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Anuradha Mittal, Founder and Executive Director of The Oakland Institute, which has reported on the IMF and World Bank’s carving up of Ukrainian farmland and the myths about the Black Sea Grain Deal which NATO nation media have propagated to the whole world. She discusses the UN statistics that show the overwhelming majority of grain that was exported via the Black Sea Grain Initiative went to rich countries, not to poor hunger-hit countries as was reported by the media, the mass privatisation of Ukrainian farmland at the expense of small Ukrainian farmers, the coming further neoliberal gutting of Ukraine when the war ends, the role of giant agribusiness corporations in artificially raising grain prices through speculation, the myth of high food prices being caused by low grain exports due to the Russia-NATO proxy war in Ukraine and much more.

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