Hassad Food

Mawashi puts greater focus on food security

Mawashi, Qatar’s livestock company, plans to invest in industrial agriculture and food sources outside Qatar to serve the vision and objectives of the Qatar National Food Security Programme, it was announced yesterday.

Stop selling our land overseas

Politicians and economists say that the Australian public is only worked up about foreign ownership of agricultural land because the community is misinformed. This drives the belief that a register of foreign land holdings will calm everyone's anxiety. Given that Queensland has had such a register for 20 years, and that disquiet about foreign ownership still resonates among Queenslanders, this means that something else is at play.

Hassad wraps up purchase

With the purchase of nearly 15,000ha of land in Jerramungup last month, the Qatar-based Hassad Food Company now owns 250,000ha of farmland in Austalia

Qatar's next big purchase: a farming sector

Qatar has been investing in large areas of farmland overseas to ensure access to food supplies, but it also aims to produce most of its food domestically by spending massively to boost crop yields and convert semi-desert into agricultural land.

Hassad plans overseas investments

Hassad Food Company is keen to secure food supplies for Qatar at reasonable prices through local and international investments in various countries, according to an article in the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry memorial book ‘40 Years of Excellence and Achievement.’

Hassad denizötesi yatırım planlıyor

Katar Ticaret ve Sanayi Odası’nın “Mükemmeliyet ve Başarının 40 Yılı” adlı hatıra kitabında yayımlanan bir makalede Hassad Gıda Şirketi yerel ve uluslararası yatırımlarla Katar’a makul fiyatlarla gıda sağlamakta hevesli olduğu belirtiliyor.