• Gulf farmland search switches to richer countries
    • Reuters
    • 28 May 2010

    "As more investors look into the opportunities that developed nations present there will be no need to go underground or be ashamed of these deals," said Hakan Agro's Tomar.

  • Ghana presents $700mn investment proposals to Qatar food firm
    • Gulf Times
    • 03 May 2010

    Ghana Investment Promotion Centre is seeking investments from Qatar to the tune of $700mn, including a major deal with Hassad Food

  • Senator seeks investment from Qatar in Australia
    • Gulf Times
    • 29 April 2010

    Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund agricultural company launched Hassad Australia last year, aimed at ensuring that livestock and grain needs for Qatar, from Australian farmland, are met.

  • Qatar agribusiness buys first Australian holding
    • Australian Financial Review
    • 08 Mar 2010

    Qatar-based Hassad Food has initiated its investment in Australian ­agriculture with the purchase of the prized Kaladbro Estate in far western Victoria.

  • Sudan firm in talks with Hassad
    • The Peninsula
    • 04 February 2010

    A delegation of top Kenana Sugar officials is in Doha to hold talks with Qatar’s Hassad group to create one of the world’s biggest food producing companies with a view to ensuring food security in the Arab world.

  • Hassad Food launches livestock project in Australia
    • Qatar News Agency
    • 22 December 2009

    Hassad Food has launched a large project for producing livestock in Australia with a capacity of up to 70,000 Syrian head of sheep in its first year, and then up to 150,000 head of sheep in three years. The company will also purchase farmlands for the production of grains especially wheat.

  • Wikileaks: Qatar sharpening focus on food security and related technologies
    • Wikileaks
    • 16 December 2009

    "Hassad [Food] has innovated by considering investments in overseas agribusinesses rather than only purchasing land in countries with questionable property rights, and where the indigenous population may not benefit from such purchases," writes the US embassy in Doha

  • Qatari firm seeks to bring welfare, profit sharing to agriculture ventures
    • The National
    • 12 December 2009

    Qatar has embarked on a food-security programme to make it more self-sufficient and help the communities around its farmland projects in developing countries.

  • Food poor and oil rich: Quelling Qatar's appetite
    • Qatar Today
    • 06 December 2009

    Hassad Food plans to invest all over the world. “Latin America, Asia, you name it,” says Al Hajri, “Where we invest, we make profit. If Qatar is in need of that production, Hassad has the pleasure to sell to Qatar at no special rate.”

  • Qatar is eyeing food investment in Belarus
    • Gulf Times
    • 25 November 2009

    Belarus has fertile land for agriculture and Hassad Food is evaluating different features in such markets like ease of laws

  • 'Land-grab' for food security
    • Al Jazeera
    • 18 November 2009

    The French farming minister warned these "predatory investments" prevented countries from feeding themselves. Al Jazeera reports.

  • UAE to look at farmland deals in Ukraine
    • Maktoob
    • 17 November 2009

    "Already we have received a lot of interest from the UAE to invest in Ukraine's agriculture sector, and we are offering all kinds of projects such as leasing of 100,000 hectares of land to the creation of animal farms with 3000 cows," Ukraine's agriculture minister said.

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