Hassad Food

Qatar firm defends WA farm investment

Hassad Australia chief executive Tom McKeon said the company employed people from local communities, supported local businesses and paid tax. The company owns 11 farms over 250,000ha in Australia, including three in WA.

Hassad Food eyes new investments in Pakistan

Qatar has plans to expand its food security options in Pakistan and the state-owned corporation, Hassad Food, has opened an office in Lahore, Pakistan’s ambassador Mohamed Sarfraz A Khanzada told Gulf Times in an exclusive interview.

Mawashi puts greater focus on food security

Mawashi, Qatar’s livestock company, plans to invest in industrial agriculture and food sources outside Qatar to serve the vision and objectives of the Qatar National Food Security Programme, it was announced yesterday.

Stop selling our land overseas

Politicians and economists say that the Australian public is only worked up about foreign ownership of agricultural land because the community is misinformed. This drives the belief that a register of foreign land holdings will calm everyone's anxiety. Given that Queensland has had such a register for 20 years, and that disquiet about foreign ownership still resonates among Queenslanders, this means that something else is at play.