06 May 2015 Mongabay
West Papua 'oil palm atlas' portrays industry's explosion in region
There's a saying in Indonesian palm oil industry: Sumatra is yesterday, Kalimantan is today, and Papua is tomorrow. Tomorrow might well have arrived. A new report sheds light on the industry's rapid expansion in Indonesia's easternmost region and the companies behind the plantation drive.
30 Apr 2015 awasMIFEE
West Papua Oil Palm Atlas – The companies behind the plantation explosion.
A comprehensive investigation into the oil palm industry in West Papua, by awasMIFEE and Pusaka and local Papuan organisations Belantara Papua, Bin Madag Hom, Jasoil, SKP KAME and Jerat. Papua, and Sawit Watch.
24 Apr 2015 APC
“Advance the struggle for genuine agrarian reform in Asia,” says APC
Landlessness in Asia has worsened due to massive land grabbing, land-use conversions and plunders of natural resources carried out by private investors (domestic or foreign).
17 Apr 2015 Awas Mifee
Government still looking to Merauke for industrial agriculture development
Despite the frequently-voiced opposition by many local indigenous Marind people. The new Indonesia government still looking to continue large-scale mechanised agriculture project, Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate.
16 Apr 2015 Jakarta Post
Govt to revive food estate project in Papua
The Indonesian government is considering reviving the stalled “food estate” program of the prior administration by involving private and state-owned companies.
01 Apr 2015 CIFOR
In Indonesia, local communities lose out as oil palm expands
Oil palm, billed as a way to improve local economic opportunity and reduce poverty in the tropics, may not live up to that billing, a recent report shows. On the front lines of oil palm expansion, the indigenous forest-dwelling Arfak people of West Papua Province, Indonesia believe they are not the beneficiaries of the palm’s promise.
28 Mar 2015 Jakarta Post
Indonesia: Lives matter most around plantations
The recent torture and murder of Indra Pelan is the result of widely entrenched industrial plantation system whereby whole swaths of rural land have been taken from locals without their consent.
27 Mar 2015 APC
APC denounces World Bank’s role in global land grabs
The Asian Peasant Coalition denounces the World Bank on its “16th Conference on Land and Poverty” that brings together corporations, governments and some civil society groups
16 Mar 2015 AFR
Mitchell to sell 49pc of cattle stake
Mitchell's Yougawalla Pastoral Company the latest Australian cattle station business to be put up for sale. Foreign corporations have spent some A$63.5 million buying into the sector in the past month.
12 Mar 2015 Reuters
Indonesia palm oil battle pits farmers against big plantations
Singapore-based Golden Agri-Resources, which has oil palm plantations covering 250,000 ha in Indonesia, wants to expand in Kalimantan. Rights groups accuse the company of taking land from local people without free and informed consent.
09 Mar 2015 FPP
Forest Peoples Programme complaint against Golden Agri Resources upheld
Palm oil conglomerate criticised for multiple violations of RSPO requirements that lands can only be acquired from indigenous peoples and local communities with their free, prior and informed consent.
06 Mar 2015 Reuters
Genting Plantations, Musim Mas to build 600,000 t/y palm refinery
Malaysian oil palm planter Genting Plantations Bhd said it has entered into an agreement with Indonesia's Musim Mas Group to build a 300 million ringgit ($82.17 million) palm oil refinery in the Borneo island of Sabah.


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