Closing the gap

FPP and partners launch new report and web portal for rights-based approaches and community solutions to tackling deforestation and ensuring supply chain accountability

Is sustainable palm oil possible?

Video of the mostly English-language session of a CFDT seminar featuring Dario Novellino and indigenous community representatives of the Coalition Against Land Grabbing operating in Palawan, the Philippines.

The Salim Group and land conflicts around West Papua

In May 2016, awasMIFEE published a story titled “The Salim Group’s secret plantations in West Papua”, about four concessions owned by the Salim Group in West Papua. A year and a half later, Salim Group is still aggressively expanding, and threatening more areas of remote Papuan forest.

Peluncuran webGIS Mata Papua

Keterbatasan di tengah pentingnya informasi terkait penguasaan lahan dan berbagai industri ekstraktif di Papua menjadi alasan utama peluncuran webGIS Mata Papua sebagai alat monitoring baru.

Four new palm oil permits issued across Papua region

Four new permits for palm oil expansion issued in Papua and West Papua provinces of Indonesia covering area almost the size of Singapore - major parts of which are comprised of high-density forest cover. One is given to Wilmar International key suppliers, Ganda group.

Land conflict records in Indonesia throughout 2017

The raising number of the land conflicts highlighting 2017 records in Indonesia. More than six hundred thousand families living in more than five hundred acres of land were impacted. Plantation sector is still dominating agrarian conflict with two hundred and eight cases found.