• Indonesia starts developing controversial food estate project
    • Reuters
    • 23 Sep 2020

    Indonesia has started developing a food estate to grow rice, corn and other crops. The project is expected to cover an area of 770,000 hectares (1,903,000 acres), or more than ten times the size of Singapore.

  • Suku Awyu, menuntut pemerintah cabut izin perusahaan kelapa sawit
    • Pusaka
    • 07 Sep 2020

    Lebih dari 50 warga Suku Awyu melakukan aksi unjuk rasa di Kantor DPRD Boven Digoel dan Kantor Bupati Boven Digoel menuntut pemerintah mencabut izin perkebunan kelapa sawit yang telah beroperasi dan sedang merencanakan perluasan lahan perkebunan di wilayah adat Suku Awyu.

  • Elite Agro invests in Indonesia
    • FruitNet
    • 04 Sep 2020

    Indonesia's Minister of State-Owned Enterprises said that the aim was to boost food security in the country and improve the quality of domestically grown products to give them export value, with a view to exporting to countries in Africa and the Middle East.

  • Pemain baru mulai babat hutan dalam proyek perkebunan sawit raksasa di Papua
    • The Gecko Project
    • 28 Aug 2020

    Digoel Agri Group mulai beroperasi dalam mega proyek yang diperebutkan investor dari seluruh dunia. Perusahaan-perusahaan yang dimiliki keluarga elit politik di Indonesia dan investor dari Selandia Baru mulai menebangi hutan di kawasan yang disebut-sebut akan jadi perkebunan terbesar di dunia.

  • Kronologi ketua adat Kinipan diseret dan ditangkap polisi
    • CNN Indonesia
    • 27 Aug 2020

    Ketua Komunitas Adat Laman Kinipan Effendi Buhing ditangkap polisi Polda Kalimantan Tengah (Kalteng), Rabu (26/8) siang. Penangkapan ini diduga terkait dengan konflik lahan antara masyarakat adat tersebut dengan sebuah perusahaan sawit.

  • Indonesian farmers walk 1,800-km to protest against evictions
    • Reuters
    • 24 Aug 2020

    More than 100 farmers gathered outside the presidential palace in Jakarta, Indonesia on Monday, having walked about 1,800 km (1,118 miles) from the island of Sumatra to protest against forced evictions from long-running land conflict with a state-owned plantation company, PT Perkebunan Nusantara II (PTPN II).

  • UAE agro companies will invest in Subang
    • CNBC Indonesia
    • 23 Aug 2020

    Elite Agro, a producer and distributor of fresh fruit and vegetables from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, will invest in Subang, West Java, Indonesia.

  • Perusahaan agro UEA akan tanam modal di Subang
    • CNBC Indonesia
    • 23 Aug 2020

    Perusahaan produsen dan distributor buah dan sayur segar asal Abu Dhabi Uni Emirat Arab Elite Agro akan berinvestasi di Indonesia, tepatnya di Subang, Jawa Barat.

  • Indonesia pushes rice estate project despite environmental red flags
    • Mongabay
    • 17 Aug 2020

    The Indonesian government is pushing ahead with a plan to grow crops on a Puerto Rico-sized area of peatlands, despite criticism from experts and a history of similar failed projects.

  • Farmers walk from N. Sumatra to Jakarta to demand Jokowi settle land dispute
    • Jakarta Post
    • 11 Aug 2020

    Some 170 farmers have walked 1,812 kilometers from their hometown in North Sumatra, Indonesia to the capital city to demand to the President to settle a land dispute with state-owned plantation company that evicted them from their farmland.

  • Komnas HAM Papua: Tindakan aparat keamanan perusahaan sawit berlebihan
    • VoA Indonesia
    • 27 Jul 2020

    Komisi Nasional HAM Perwakilan Papua menyimpulkan ada tindakan kekerasan berlebihan dalam kasus kematian Marius Betera, seorang petani di kawasan perkebunan sawit milik Korindo Group di Kabupaten Boven Digul, Provinsi Papua. Marius meninggal pada 16 Mei lalu, setelah bertikai dengan seorang anggota polisi, yang bertugas di kawasan perusahaan itu.

  • ‘In the plantations there is hunger and loneliness’: The cultural dimensions of food insecurity in Papua
    • The Gecko Project
    • 14 Jul 2020

    A decade ago, the Indonesian government began to heavily promote large-scale plantation in southern Papua. An investigation recently published explored how some outside investors gained rights to the land and the fallout for the indigenous population. Children were suffering from malnutrition while agricultural commodities are exported from their ancestral land.

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