Huile de palme : Greenpeace cible HSBC

Greenpeace accuse la banque de financer, entre autres, Goodhope Asia Holding Ltd contre laquelle des ONG et des communautés locales ont porté plainte auprès de la RSPO pour "accaparement de terres" en Papouasie.

Jokowi grants first-ever indigenous land rights to 9 communities

Indonesia central government has recognized the rights of nine indigenous communities to the forests. That movement still has long way to go, the nine “customary forests” encompass a total of 13,100 hectares. By comparison, Indonesia’s nine biggest oil palm firms in 2013 had planted nearly 2 million hectares.

Palm oil giant Olam accused over sourcing

Palm oil giant Olam has been accused of using suppliers that may use unsustainable practices in parts of Southeast Asia and bulldozing rainforest for plantations in Gabon.