08 Aug 2015 WRM
Relaunching destruction in Papua: monoculture agriculture project threatens indigenous lands and livelihoods
A large-scale agriculture project in Indonesia's southern Papua province has been relaunched, targeting 1.2 million hectares of indigenous land to develop rice farms over the next three years.
08 Aug 2015 El País
La aspereza del aceite de palma
Malasia e Indonesia controlan el 80% de un industria que mueve 45.000 millones y tiene efectos nefastos en el medioambiente.
01 Aug 2015 New York Times
Palm oil company is accused of exploiting Liberia’s Ebola crisis
Golden Veroleum has denied using the Ebola crisis to take advantage of Liberian communities but local officials and en disagree.
29 Jul 2015 AFP
Des agriculteurs cambodgiens à l'assaut de Bolloré
Une cinquantaine de paysans assignent en justice le groupe implanté au Cambodge. Ils déplorent expropriations et déplacements de populations.
21 Jul 2015 Eco-Business
Mounting complaints put Wilmar under scrutiny
The world's largest palm oil trader faces accusations against unresolved land grabbing and human rights issues by its concessions in Asia and Africa, but says it stands by its sustainability policy.
11 Jul 2015 Indonesia Biru
The Mahuzes (trailer)
Ketika Papua dipaksa menjadi lumbung pangan dan energi dunia, berbasis korporasi
09 Jul 2015 MSH-M
Infrastructural violence and the monopoly system in Indonesia’s oil palm plantation zone
Tania Murray Li of the University of Toronto explains how the devastating expansion of oil palm plantations in Indonesia shows what can be expected from the current expansion of the plantation model elsewhere around the world.
08 Jul 2015 FPP
Palm oil giant Wilmar resorts to dirty tricks
World’s largest palm oil trading company, Wilmar International Ltd., under scrutiny as communities accuse its suppliers of harassment, deception and rights abuses.
30 Jun 2015 TerraProject
Land Inc.
Land Inc. is a journey across Brazil, Dubai, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Madagascar the Philippines and Ukraine to document what some define as a form of neocolonialism, and others as a chance for development: land grabbing
29 Jun 2015 Mongabay
NGOs, activists fret new role for Indonesia's spy agency
A mysterious new partnership between Indonesia's spy agency and Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) to boost foreign investment has civil society wary of deepening agrarian conflict in the post-authoritarian country.
29 Jun 2015 The Star
Tycoon wants to make Indonesia global player in food supply
Peter Sondakh, the Rajawali Group chairman and chief executive officer, has set his sight on making his company a global giant in the palm oil business and sees PNG as the game changer for the industry.
28 Jun 2015 Tempo
China to invest in Ketapang`s cassava plantation
The China-based company PT Thian Yuan Agriculture Technology Trading has submitted an application to operate a cassava plantation in Ketapang, West Kalimantan.


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