• The Indigenous Kinggo’s struggle to defend Papua's customary forest
    • WRM
    • 09 Mar 2021

    Indonesia is the world’s largest exporter of palm oil and Papua is the new frontier. Kinggo indigenous group that owns the customary forest in Boven Digul Regency, Papua is fighting to protect their land against subsidiary of Korean palm oil giant, the Korindo Group.

  • Menelan hutan Indonesia
    • Biofuel Watch etc.
    • 04 Mar 2021

    Program Food Estate baru di Indonesia akan mengakibatkan lebih banyak kelaparan dan mengancam masyarakat lokal, hutan setempat dan iklim global.

  • Swallowing up forests
    • Biofuel Watch etc.
    • 04 Mar 2021

    A briefing paper from an international network documents that Indonesia’s new “Food Estate Program” on the islands of Borneo, Sumatra and Papua threaten Indigenous sovereignty, forests and biodiversity, will cause hunger and contribute to the climate crisis.

  • ‘Hungry’ palm oil, pulpwood firms behind Indonesia land-grab spike: Report
    • Mongabay
    • 17 Feb 2021

    Land conflicts in Indonesia escalated in 2020, with palm oil and pulpwood companies taking advantage of movement restrictions to expand aggressively, according to a new report.

  • Indonesia urged to resolve palm oil conflicts in West Kalimantan
    • The Star
    • 29 Jan 2021

    About 66 per cent of conflicts related to palm oil in West Kalimantan in the last two decades have yet to be resolved, according to a report recently issued by the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV).

  • Papua tribe moves to block clearing of its ancestral forest for palm oil
    • Mongabay
    • 21 Jan 2021

    Members of the Auyu tribe of Papua, Indonesia, are demanding a halt to the operations of palm oil company PT Indo Asiana Lestari (IAL), which appears to be gearing up to clear their ancestral forests. IAL’s concession is part of the Tanah Merah megaproject that is already dogged by allegations that key operating permits have been falsified.

  • Palm oil firm Korindo aims to silence NGOs with baseless “SLAPP” lawsuit
    • Mighty Earth
    • 19 Jan 2021

    Germany’s Rainforest Rescue (Rettet den Regenwald) and Washington, D.C.-based Center for International Policy (CIP) blasted a baseless defamation lawsuit brought to the Hamburg Regional Court by a supplier to the Korindo conglomerate, a notorious Korean-Indonesian palm oil, logging and wind tower manufacturing giant.

  • Agribusiness giants ADM, Bunge trading in ‘conflict’ palm oil, report says
    • Mongabay
    • 04 Jan 2021

    A report by Global Witness has found that more than 100 Indonesian palm oil mills supplying agribusiness giants ADM and Bunge have been accused of land and human rights violations and environmental destruction.

  • Indonesia palm oil traders are failing land and environmental defenders
    • Global Witness
    • 09 Dec 2020

    Two major US commodity traders – ADM and Bunge – are failing to ensure that the hundreds of Indonesian palm oil mills they source from in Indonesia are free from abuse against land and environmental defenders.

  • Ríos tóxicos La lucha por recuperar el agua acaparada por las plantaciones de palma aceitera en Indonesia
    • GRAIN
    • 08 Dec 2020

    Entre 2000 y 2020, el área de las plantaciones de palma aceitera en Kalimantan aumentó más del doble, de 2 millones 400 mil hectáreas a 5 millones 800 mil hectáreas. Kalimantan Occidental es la tercera área más grande de producción de palma aceitera de Indonesia, con plantaciones que cubren cerca de un millón y medio de hectáreas a lo largo de sus once distritos.

  • Palm oil giant Wilmar unfazed as watchdogs cry foul over Papua deforestation
    • Mongabay
    • 08 Dec 2020

    An area of natural forest the size of 1,500 football fields has been cleared since January in an oil palm concession in Indonesia’s easternmost region of Papua by a company that ultimately supplies major traders and global brands.

  • Sungai beracun: Perlawanan untuk merebut kembali air dari perkebunan kelapa sawit di Indonesia
    • 07 Dec 2020

    Lonjakan permintaan minyak sawit datang dengan konsekuensi yang mahal, mulai dari perusakan hutan hujan, eksploitasi tenaga kerja, dan perampasan tanah serta perampasan air yang brutal. Tekanan dari perkebunan kelapa sawit telah memaksa komunitas di Kalimantan Barat berjuang demi akses air bersih dan memproduksi makanan.

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