09 Nov 2016 Jakarta Globe
W. Kalimantan indigenous groups accuse Sime Darby of land grabs
Malaysian palm oil giant Sime Darby has been called out by a representative of indigenous communities for land-grabbing in Indonesia's West Kalimantan province during the 14th annual Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil meeting, which is taking place in Bangkok.
07 Nov 2016 CorpWatch
Goodhope Asia accused of land grabbing in West Papua for palm oil
PT Nabire Baru plantation encroaches on the customary lands of the Yerisiam Gua peoples, who have written letters and protested peacefully against the project for the last four years. In 2012, the company was reported to have cleared 32,000 hectares in Nabire province.
07 Nov 2016
The Hidden side of agribusiness: Violation of indigenous and community land rights in Southeast Asia
As the global rush for land intensifies, provoked in particular by the demand for alternatives to fossil fuels, governments across Southeast Asia have welcomed investments by both local and foreign agribusiness companies
02 Nov 2016 Mongabay
Complaint against a palm oil company in Papua held in limbo by RSPO
A complaint lodged earlier this year about alleged abuses by a palm oil company in Indonesian Papua has raised questions over the credibility of the industry’s largest certification scheme in investigating member violations.
16 Oct 2016 TV5Monde
"Terres à vendre" : un tour du monde de l'accaparement des terres agricoles
Le livre-reportage Terres à vendre est une minutieuse enquête sur les rachats de terres agricoles par l'agroindustrie, de partout sur la planète. Un ouvrage édifiant et inquiétant sur un phénomène mondial en pleine expansion.
20 Sep 2016 The Jakarta Post
China interested in agricultural investment in Kalimantan
China has expressed its interest in bringing its private firms to invest in agriculture in areas in the border region of Kalimantan, Indonesia, a top official said on Monday.
01 Sep 2016 Guardian
Korean palm oil firm accused of illegal forest burning in Indonesia
A Korean palm oil company has been dropped by buyers after footage emerged that allegedly shows the illegal burning of vast tracts of tropical forest on lands it holds concessions for in Indonesia.
03 Aug 2016 Tempo
Jokowi takes interest in Guinea's farmland
The President of Guinea, Alpha Conde, is inviting Indonesia to invest in his country's agriculture and mining sectors.
25 May 2016 Asia Pacific Report
West Papuans, activists protest against Sorong oil palm expansion
As the indigenous people of Sorong, Nabire, Merauke and elsewhere in West Papua continue to resist oil palm expansion, there now appears to be some hope that the government is responding to President Joko Widodo’s call last month for a moratorium on all new permits.
10 May 2016 Farm Weekly
Pack your bags to cash in on China’s dairy demand
In partnership with Indonesian agribusiness Japfa and Cargill’s Black River, AustAsia has built five free stall dairy farms in the province of Shandong, plus another in Inner Mongolia, to milk 30,000 Holsteins in total.
10 May 2016 APC
On Jokowi’s announcement to ban new oil palm permits, AGRA and APC reaffirm call to stop oil palm plantations
Aliansi Gerakan Reforma Agraria and Asian Peasant Coalition welcome Indonesian President's announcement to ban new oil palm permits but reiterate call to stop oil palm plantations.
06 May 2016 Contagio Radio
Piden a la UE frenar las violaciones a DDHH por parte de empresas palmeras
Entre el 25 de abril y el 4 de mayo delegados de Indonesia, Perú, Colombia y Liberia, entre otros países exigieron en Londres que la Unión Europea ponga fin a las violaciones de derechos humanos y al acaparamiento de tierras vinculados a las empresas de palma de aceite, que en su mayoría consume la UE.


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