Indonesia aims to be world's breadbasket

Following Brazil's trail, Indonesia is encouraging foreign and local investors to lease huge swathes of fertile countryside and help make the country a major food producer.

L'Indonésie veut devenir l'un des garde-manger du monde

Suivant l'exemple du Brésil, l'Indonésie ambitionne de devenir un grand producteur agro-alimentaire, en proposant des centaines de milliers d'hectares de rizières et de champs aux investisseurs nationaux et étrangers.

Pemerintah dan Bank Dunia Membikin Kebun Tebu

Pemerintah pusat, Pemda Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD), Bank Dunia, dan Pemerintah Korea Selatan (Korsel) akan bekerjasama mengembangkan perkembangan tebu seluas 17.000 hingga 35.000 hektar di Kabupaten Benar Meriah, Banda Aceh.

Korean investor wins permit for Papua food estate

As many foreign and local investor are seeking to win a license to invest in the giant agriculture project in Papua, Indonesia, one unnamed South Korean investor has obtained a permit. Mitsubishi is also bidding. Binladin Group has been rejected.

Papua food estate faces land-use tangles: Kadin

Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry warns that the government’s plan to develop a major food estate in Merauke, Papua, may run into difficulties because confusing and overlapping land use regulations will deter investors.