• Stanford researchers show oil palm plantations are clearing carbon-rich tropical forests in Borneo
    • Stanford Report
    • 08 Oct 2012

    In 2010 alone, land-clearing for oil palm plantations in Kalimantan emitted more than 140 million metric tons of carbon dioxide – an amount equivalent to annual emissions from about 28 million vehicles.

  • When forest guardians fight back
    • PAN AP
    • 08 Oct 2012

    This article is part of a series of feature stories on land grabbing in selected countries in Asia, as part of an awareness-raising campaign on how land grabs worsen hunger, in commemoration of 'World Foodless Day' on October 16 by PAN AP and its partner organisations. (http://www.panap.net/wfd)

  • RSPO fails to act as Muara Tae is destroyed
    • EIA
    • 07 Oct 2012

    The credibility of the international Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has been called into question over its failure to act against a company bulldozing ancestral forests and perpetrating human rights abuses in Indonesia.

  • 'German minister should address human rights'
    • DW
    • 31 Aug 2012

    Soy farming in Argentina is often linked to land-grabbing and displacement of small-scale farmers. Aid organizations are demanding action from German Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner during her trip to South America.

  • Organisations in Asia strategise in opposing land grabbing
    • PANAP
    • 20 Jul 2012

    Participants from various communities shared documented cases, stories and photos of how large-scale investments of local and foreign owned companies are displacing communities and how people oppose such type of investments.

  • MIFEE: The stealthy face of conflict in West Papua
    • Asian Human Rights Commission
    • 19 Jul 2012

    Resource conflicts are building in the southernmost part of West Papua, as agribusiness companies stealthily invade the forests, leaving its people dispossessed.

  • Energy, food and climate crises: are they driving an Indonesian ‘land grab’?
    • East Asia Forum
    • 17 Jul 2012

    The situation in Indonesia, where only a fraction of development projects associated with these transactions are ever implemented, is significant for wider discussions about ‘land grabbing’ around the world.

  • Merauke food estate land likely to shrink by 80%
    • Jakarta Post
    • 12 Jul 2012

    The Indonesian government’s long-discussed plan to launch a massive food estate in Merauke, Papua, in a bid to boost the nation’s food production is facing uncertainty amid land acquisition problems, a top ministry official says.

  • Ruée sur les actions de Felda, l'opérateur malaisien d'huile de palme
    • RFI
    • 29 Jun 2012

    La moitié de l'argent levé en bourse sera destiné à la replantation, mais aussi à l'extension des surfaces chez le voisin indonésien et en Afrique, où le coût du foncier est moins élevé qu'en Malaisie.

  • Tiga Pilar Merambah Sawit dan Beras
    • Kontan
    • 13 Jun 2012

    Perusahaan manufaktur makanan ini rajin mengakuisisi sejumlah perusahaan di sektor pertanian dan perkebunan

  • Investment principles for farmland
    • DTE
    • 31 May 2012

    The PRI for Farmland are supposed to an opportunity for communities and CSOs to assess the performance of investors in farmland against a set of voluntary standards, but fall short of what’s needed to hold companies properly to account.

  • Proyek Bakrie Delano siap di akhir tahun
    • Kontan
    • 26 May 2012

    Bakrie Delano juga menyasar sektor agribisnis seperti karet

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