14 Sep 2017 Mongabay
Samsung won’t partner with Korindo following outrage over forest destruction in Indonesia
Under fire from watchdogs and consumers of its smartphones, Samsung said it would not pursue a joint venture with Korindo amid an NGO campaign highlighting Korindo’s rainforest destruction for palm oil in Indonesia’s Tanah Papua region.
16 Aug 2017 Tabloid Jubi
Daewoo dan Samsung dituding terlibat “menghabisi” hutan Papua
Samsung dan Daewoo dituding terlibat dalam deforestasi di Papua bersama Korindo Group, dua perusahaan Korea Selatan ini telah mengurangi hutan primer di Papua untuk perkebunan kelapa sawit, menyalahgunakan hak dan mata pencaharian masyarakat lokal.
15 Aug 2017 SumOfUs
Samsung: get out of conflict palm oil!
Samsung subsidiary announced last week that it will be forming a joint venture with Korean-Indonesian agribusiness company, Korindo which was recently exposed for burning and clearing tens of thousands of hectares of Indonesia's rainforest for palm oil and timber production.
11 Aug 2017 Korea Expose
Meet the S. Korean companies destroying Indonesia’s virgin rainforest
Subsidiaries of prominent South Korea’s conglomerates including POSCO and Samsung, plus South Korean-owned Indonesian conglomerate Korindo Group, have been cutting down primary forest to make way for oil palm plantations.
07 Aug 2017 Tribun Pontianak
8 perusahaan perkebunan sawit diduga rampas tanah masyarakat
Sedikitnya delapan perusahaan perkebunan kelapa sawit di Kalbar diduga kuat merampas hutan dan lahan masyarakat serta berdiri diatas lahan gambut.
24 Jul 2017 Bina Desa
Rumah dan tanah warga desa Mulya Jaya di rampas menjelang Idul Fitri 1438 H
Perampasan tanah oleh PT. LPI (Laju Perdana Indah) di Desa Mulya Jaya (Talang Linang), Sumatera Selatan selama 12 tahun telah menyebabkan konflik, memakan korban nyawa, kriminalisasi dan tindak kekerasan yang dialami petani dan warga desa.
18 Jul 2017 Amnesty International
Huile de palme: un premier pas du géant agroalimentaire Wilmar
Le géant de l’agroalimentaire Wilmar, qui était au cœur de l'enquête « Le scandale de l’huile de palme » d'Amnesty International, vient de déclarer qu’il prendrait de nouvelles mesures concernant les conditions de travail dans ses plantations d’ici fin juillet 2017.
15 Jun 2017 UCA
Indonesian province revokes palm oil licenses
Merauke govt's move to pull 11 permits wins church and popular backing, but damage to nature 'has already been done
18 May 2017 Mongabay
Wilmar appeals RSPO ruling that it grabbed indigenous lands in Sumatra
The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil is reviewing its finding about the palm oil company’s activities in the Kapa people’s customary territory.
15 May 2017 FOE US
TIAA tied to deforestation and displacement of farmers, environmentalists claim in new report
According to a report released today by leading environmental and social justice advocates, the investment management firm TIAA is leading a trend of speculating in land markets, which drives up farmland prices and displaces family farmers.
04 May 2017 FPP
RSPO freezes Goodhope’s operations in Papua
RSPO has issued a Stop Work Order to Goodhope Asia Holdings Ltd after joint submission by FPP, Pusaka, Greenpeace and EIA accused Goodhope’s subsidiary PT Nabire Baru of taking lands from the Yerisiam Gua people in Papua, Indonesia.
15 Apr 2017 Mongabay
RSPO accused of letting palm oil firm proceed with dodgy audits in Papua
The company, PT Nabire Baru, is alleged to have grabbed indigenous lands. Its parent, Goodhope, is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.


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