Indigenous Papuan women and the struggle for land

There is a common and well-known philosophy throughout Papua, which represents the strong bond between women and nature; “Land is Mama”. We might suspect that it sounds like a romantic attachment of the stereotype of domestic work to one gender. However, it is reflected in what these Indigenous women, who fight for their land are doing.

Audio: Dr Sophie Chao - Papua, food and racism

Despite the fact that Indonesia’s deforestation rate reached a historic low in 2020, the social, cultural, and ecological wellbeing of people whose livelihoods depend on forests has continued to suffer greatly. The indigenous Marind people in Papua, for example, have seen 1.2 million hectares of their lands and forests targeted for oil palm and timber plantations as part of the Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate. This has led not only to food and water insecurity but also fundamental shifts in the food and eating habits of the Marind people. Why is this happening?

Perusahaan melanggar UU larangan praktik monopoli

Perusahaan kelapa sawit PT Sorong Agro Sawitindo dan PT Papua Lestari Abadi menggugat Bupati Sorong di PTUN Jayapura yang telah mengeluarkan rekomendasi pencabutan izin perusahaan perkebunan tersebut atas dasar melanggar UU Larangan Praktek Monopoli.

Korindo: Korean palm oil giant stripped of sustainability status

Korean palm oil giant, Korindo has been rejected from the world's green certification body in the wake of a BBC investigation. Korindo controls more land in Papua than any other conglomerate. The company has cleared nearly 60,000 hectares of forests inside its concessions - an area the size of Chicago or Seoul.

Food estate di Papua: Perampasan ruang berkedok ketahanan pangan?

Perjuangan panjang dan suara lantang Orang Asli Papua untuk merebut daulat atas tanah, air, udara dan hak dasar lainnya kembali menemui tantangan yang bernama kebijakan pembangunan food estate. Arahan lokasi food estate di Papua seluas ± 2.684.680,68 hektar. Lebih dari dua juta hektar berada di kawasan hutan.