Action against land grabs in Berlin

On April 17th, Berlin based INKOTA activists gathered in front of Deutsche Bank on Friedrichstraße dressed as bankers and ready to dig into an oversized cake representing the African continent.

Ekosem-Agrar fuels investment wave in Russia dairy

German-based Ekosem-Agrar unveiled a E50m bond issue to raise funds for doubling its Russian milking herd, and expanding its 160,000-hectare landbank, extending the wave of investment heading into the country's dairy market.

AGCO holds Africa Ag Summit in Berlin

AGCO Corp. held its first Africa agriculture summit in Berlin on Jan. 23. The tractor company says it will fund the development of Model Farms and Training Centers in Algeria, Ethiopia, Libya, Morocco, South Africa and Zambia to teach farmers how to use its technology.

Les agriculteurs allemands font leur retour en Russie

Au XVIIIe siècle, la Grande Catherine avait décidé de faire appel à des agriculteurs allemands pour cultiver le sol de la Russie. A un moment, on a dénombré plusieurs milliers de colons. Quelque 250 ans après, l'histoire se répète.

Das Gold liegt auf dem Acker

Geldanlagen in der Landwirtschaft sind gefragt. Der amerikanische Großinvestor Jim Rogers rät dazu, Ackerland kaufen. Und zwar in Australien.