20 Nov 2017 IFM
Safeguarding human rights in land related investments
Study commissioned by the German government to help identify whether there are differences and potential issues in the Voluntary Guidelines on Land that are currently omitted or only partially cov­ered by the IFC PS or the World Bank Safeguards.
02 Nov 2017 RIAO-RDC
Threats on Feronia’s plantations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
Communiqué from RIAO DRC denouncing recent threats and intimidation against communities and NGOs in the oil palm plantation areas of the Canadian company Feronia.
24 Sep 2017 RIAO
Feronia in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Harassment, violence and oppression
Oil palm plantations managed by the Canadian-based agribusiness company FERONIA Inc have been opposed by local residents ever since they were established
22 Sep 2017 Africa Intelligence
Game over for Flora EcoPower
One final straw for the German company which owns 70,000 ha of land in Oromia has put a definitive end to its Ethiopian adventure.
22 Sep 2017 Africa Intelligence
Fin de partie pour Flora EcoPower
Le groupe allemand propriétaire de 70 000 hectares de terres en Oromia a vu un dernier événement mettre un point d'arrêt définitif à son aventure éthiopienne.
16 Sep 2017 FERN
European Development Finance Institutions and land grabs: The need for further independent scrutiny
This study highlights the role of European Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) in possible land grabs and questionable forestry projects in Africa.
06 Sep 2017 Agrimoney
Zambeef shares tumble, as weak crop prices, wheat disease hit profits
The group, backed by European development banks, revealed it had sold 90% of its Zampalm operation to the Industrial Development Corporation of Zambia, a state-backed fund, for $16m
10 Aug 2017 Commodafrica
L'achat de terres agricoles par les étrangers ? Les Etats-Unis connaissent aussi !
De 2004 à 2014, le volume de terres agricoles aux Etats-Unis détenues par des étrangers aurait doublé, les acheteurs étant essentiellement des canadiens, des néerlandais et des allemands
04 Aug 2017 Le Monde
Roumanie, la terre promise des agriculteurs européens
En vingt ans, la Roumanie est devenue l’eldorado des exploitants de France et d’ailleurs. Attirés par ses sols fertiles à bas prix, sa main-d’œuvre peu onéreuse et les aides de Bruxelles, ces pionniers y ont fondé des exploitations prospères.
21 Jul 2017 Reporterre
L’Allemagne livre ses terres agricoles aux spéculateurs
Une coopérative citoyenne achète des terres dans le Land du Brandebourg et les loue ensuite à de petits paysans pour un bail modique. L’objectif : lutter contre le « landgrabbing », l’accaparement des terres qui fait rage dans toute l’ancienne Allemagne de l’Est.
29 Jun 2017 Lusaka Times
Presidents of Zambia and Ghana cite Amatheon Agri as exemplary model of agricultural investment
Agribuiness partnerships with Africa are high on Germany’s agenda, says Amatheon Agri, which farms 3,000 ha in Zambia together with Toyota Group
22 Jun 2017 Global Meat News
Germany giant eyes land for Serbian pig farms
German meat company Tönnies has applied to the Serbian authorities to secure more than 100 hectares of available land in five municipalities to set up pig farms.


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