05 Dec 2017 PHI Group
PHI Group to set up Luxembourg bank fund to finance investment projects
PHI Group, Inc, a company investing globally in agriculture and farmland, signs an agreement to set up a bank fund in Luxembourg to provide financing for the Company’s and its clients’ projects.
07 Nov 2017 ARTE
La grande braderie des terres agricoles en Roumanie
Depuis l’entrée en vigueur d’une nouvelle loi en 2014, la Roumanie connaît un alarmant phénomène d’accaparement des terres arables.
17 Oct 2017 Romania Insider
EBRD buys 13% stake in Romanian agribusiness group
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will buy a 13% stake in the Agricover group, owned by Iranian investor Jabbar Kanani.
11 Sep 2017 Romania Insider
40% of agricultural land in Romania belongs to foreign investors
Foreigners hold 5.3 million hectares of farmland in Romania, as the total agricultural land amounts to 13.3 million hectares.
04 Aug 2017 Le Monde
Roumanie, la terre promise des agriculteurs européens
En vingt ans, la Roumanie est devenue l’eldorado des exploitants de France et d’ailleurs. Attirés par ses sols fertiles à bas prix, sa main-d’œuvre peu onéreuse et les aides de Bruxelles, ces pionniers y ont fondé des exploitations prospères.
29 Jun 2017 Spiegel
Landgrabbing in Rumänien: Im Paradies für Spekulanten
Rumänien ist zu einem heißen Tipp für internationale Investoren geworden. Touristisch attraktive Lagen, aber vor allem Ackerland gelangen in die Hände von Kapitalanlegern - zulasten der Einheimischen.
31 May 2017 GlobeNewswire
PHI Group acquires majority interest in Romania-based Maxagro SRL to launch organic farming program in Europe
US company focused on mergers and acquisitions and investments in natural resources announces definitive agreement to acquire 51% of Maxagro SRL, a Romanian farming company in Timis County, Romania
16 May 2017 Politico
Eastern Europe turns back on single market
EU’s newest members say big Western European landowners and multinational supermarkets are wiping out their farmers and shopkeepers.
12 May 2017 Slow Food
Teren de Vanzare – Land for sale: Romanian peasants’ struggle against land grabbing
In Europe we tend to relegate the idea of land grabbing to the global South, yet it is happening much closer to home than we perhaps realize.
19 Apr 2017 Globe Newswire
PHI Group to partner with Maxagro Group of Romania
Maxagro and PHI Group will consider raising capital for Maxagro to acquire additional farmland by taking Maxagro public in the U.S. and European Stock Markets.
10 Feb 2017 I&PE
AP Pension denies CEO quit over pressure to invest in farms
AP Pension, the Danish labour-market pensions provider, has hit out at media reports that its chief executive quit in December because of pressure from the supervisory board to invest in the agricultural sector.
12 Oct 2016 France Télévision
Comment le groupe français Avril investit en Roumanie
La Roumanie voit ses terres accaparées par des investisseurs étrangers, souvent des fonds de pension. Dans cette usine rachetée par le groupe français Avril, on affirme "valoriser" le pays et ses agriculteurs.


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