Cambodia “future of world rice”

Indian rice exporter Amira Group plans to acquire 25,000 hectares of agricultural land in Cambodia, and is discussing further farnland acquisitions with the governments of Angola and Sierra Leone.

Namibia: Will farm project mean the river runs dry?

"Local businessmen make deals with foreign investors and convince tribal authorities in the area to give them land, but the water from the river is not just for people to take," says Water Affairs Under Secretary A. Nehemia who had not been informed about the farm.

L'Afrique vibre au rythme du Brésil

Devenu une puissance agricole mondiale majeure, le plus grand pays d’Amérique du Sud veut faire bénéficier l’Afrique de son expertise dans l’exploitation des ressources agricoles et y transposer son modèle au nom d’une solidarité Sud-Sud.