Farmers not invited to Food Summit?

World farmers are not part of the official delegations at the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) food summit on food security that opened here Monday. But they came anyhow to express their views, since, they say, it is their communities that are most impacted by the food crisis.

Food industry debates fight against hunger

The private sector can play a key role in the fight against hunger, but humanitarian groups accuse multi-nationals of mounting an "offensive" to take over the agricultural sector in the developing world.

Africa: FAO launches key land initiatives

The FAO's response to the acquisition of land by foreign entities will be a separate process from the development of voluntary guidelines on land tenure, but will also address issues of governance and the need for effective and fair institutions.

FAO moves to draw up land ownership guidelines

The UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation aims to draw the first ever global guidelines to ensure land access to farmers and investors, boost food security and prevent arbitrary land grabs, the FAO said on Tuesday.