• Time to invest in dairy
    • Stuff
    • 08 June 2009

    The next six to 12 months may be the best time in five years to buy a dairy farm or a share in one, according to investment company MyFarm in New Zealand. The global recession has not changed anything.

  • Milking greener pastures
    • Sunday Star Times
    • 07 December 2008

    Faced with high land values and falling milk prices at home, a growing number of New Zealand dairy farmers are investing in South America, the United States, eastern Europe and Russia.

  • Ingleby Company in New Zealand for the long haul
    • Country Wide
    • 04 January 2008

    Since 1999, The Ingleby Company has bought about 17 farms. The company runs just under 20,000ha of land with 130,000 stock units, most of which are sheep and cattle.

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