• New Zealand: Corporate farming here to stay
    • stuff.co.nz
    • 16 January 2010

    Chris Kelly, chief executive of the country's largest corporate farmer, Landcorp, says he knows of other initiatives being explored and believes there will be more foreign investors knocking at New Zealand agriculture's door.

  • Fears grow over farm deals
    • Otago Daily Times
    • 21 December 2009

    Dubai World said on Friday the company was not involved in the dairy farm purchases "in any way".

  • Fraud office alert over sale to mystery Arabs
    • Sunday Star Times
    • 20 December 2009

    The Serious Fraud Office has been brought into the controversy over a Maori trust's move to buy thousands of hectares of prime Southland farmland, after revelations that an alleged fraudster is involved: bankrupt Australian "kaumatua" Shane Wenzel.

  • Bid to buy up southern farms alarms
    • Southland Times
    • 19 December 2009

    Mr Murray, spokesman for the Maori trust buying farms for foreign investors, told the Southland Times website he would buy the whole South Island if he could.

  • Caution urged on farm sales
    • Federated Farmers of New Zealand
    • 18 December 2009

    Federated Farmers is urging farmers to conduct due diligence after reports that a Maori trust, with reputed backing from Dubai World, has been contracted to buy 28 farms in Southland

  • Greens press govt on rumoured land grab
    • TVNZ
    • 18 December 2009

    The Maori trust has contracted to buy nearly 30,000ha of dairy, sheep, beef and deer farms throughout Southland, but some sellers have raised queries ranging from delays confirming the sales contracts to deposits not being paid as expected.

  • NZ wide open to massive land grab
    • Voxy
    • 18 December 2009

    New Zealand needs to tighten its rules around overseas investment as China and the Gulf States go on a world-wide shopping spree for prime land, said Green Party Co-Leader Dr Russel Norman.

  • Agro-Ecological Investment Management to launch $60m maiden fund
    • AltAssets
    • 07 December 2009

    Agro-Ecological Investment Management, a private equity and real estate asset management company based in London, will launch its first fund in the first quarter of 2010, with a target of between $50m and $60m.

  • Wikileaks: UAE develops food security policy
    • Wikileaks
    • 24 November 2009

    "Al Shariqi said that while the government does not have foreign agricultural investments, some UAE sheikhs personally own land in Pakistan, Egypt, Australia and New Zealand," reports the US mission in Abu Dhabi

  • Overseas interest in farming assets
    • Otago Daily Times
    • 24 October 2009

    Cash-rich overseas pension funds and investors have been scouting for New Zealand dairy farm investments,

  • David Stevenson: Farmland looks dirt cheap
    • Financial Times
    • 24 July 2009

    While everyone from the Rothschild’s – via the Agrifirma Brazil fund, run with Jim Slater – through to Nicola Horlick and UBS are snapping up farmland in Brazil, I’m fascinated by another niche: Canada and New Zealand.

  • Rabobank exec sees recovery, change for farm sector
    • Reuters
    • 24 June 2009

    Despite criticism for Chinese efforts to acquire large-scale farmland in Africa, China is seen continuing to aggressively pursue acquisitions in other countries. says Michael Whitehead, executive director of the food and agribusiness research and advisory unit at Rabobank International.

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