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04 Aug 2021 Australia: Supercharged ag investors see value in more than farmland
Agriculture, long overlooked as a handy defensive investment space by fund managers more interested in infrastructure, commercial real estate and shopping centres, has become the focus of big spending activity of late.
29 Jul 2021 US, Argentine investors tied to illegal land deals, deforestation in Brazil
Reporting by Agência Pública has revealed how investors including U.S. pension funds and an Argentine agribusiness giant may be linked to illegal land deals and deforestation in Brazil’s Cerrado region.
13 Jul 2021 The oil palm: a sad harvest
Investigation into the controversial palm oil sector in Liberia, the role of Dutch finance and impacts on local communities
Financieel Dagblad
08 Jul 2021 European pension managers go big for indoor ag as Equilibrium closes $1.1bn CEA fund
CEFF II raised $1 billion from a group of institutional investors, mostly pension funds, to invest in high-tech greenhouses, indoor, vertical farms, and other sectors that need controlled environment agriculture facilities.
AgFund News
08 Jul 2021 The financier farmland rush is bad for racial equity and the environment
Banks, retirement funds, retail investors, boutique asset managers, and even some nonprofits and universities are doubling down on farmland investments, making it increasingly difficult for farmers of color to access land.
Food & Power
26 Jun 2021 Corporate farmer buys top Yuna farm
An Australian company backed by Canada's Public Sector Pension Investment Board has purchased a grain farm in Yuna, Australia for about $30 million
Farm Weekly
24 Jun 2021 Kuramo Capital Management devant les tribunaux pour le contrôle des plantations de palmiers à huile PHC en RDC
Une bataille juridique a éclaté sur la propriété des Plantations et Huileries du Congo, une entreprise qui contrôle plus de 100 000 hectares de terres pour des plantations de palmier à huile en République démocratique du Congo.
Oakland Institute
22 Jun 2021 Kuramo Capital Management embroiled in a legal battle over ownership of PHC Oil palm plantations in the DRC
After acquiring majority ownership in the PHC plantations from European development banks in 2020, former partners have turned on each other with legal action underway across four jurisdictions for control of the company, valued at US$100 million.
Oakland Institute
07 Jun 2021 El acaparamiento global de tierras se pinta de verde
Quienes actualmente controlan los flujos financieros del mundo no son capaces de apoyar a los productores de alimentos y a los sistemas alimentarios —que pueden combatir la crisis climática o las muchas otras crisis que afectan a la alimentación y a la agricultura. Nuestro desafío es lograr que tanto las tierras agrícolas como el dinero no sigan en sus manos, tan pronto como podamos.
18 May 2021 The untold story of Feronia Inc's failed rice operations in the DR Congo
New information indicates that Feronia's $15 million rice operations were taken over by a politically connected Belgian-Congolese businessman when they mysteriously vanished from the company's books in 2017.
17 May 2021 Auscott sold to Canadian-backed Australian Food and Fibre
PSP, one of Canada's largest pension investment managers, now adds a further 40,000 hectares to its large farmland holdings in New South Wales.
Farm Online
11 May 2021 The global farmland grab goes green
Carbon credits and net-zero pledges are fuelling a new round of farmland buying by billionaires and pension funds that will undermine real climate action.
28 Apr 2021 University of Iowa faculty rebuke farmland investors for fueling land grabs and corporate takeover of agriculture
The University of Iowa Faculty Senate voted 42 to 7 to pass a resolution calling on the university to hold the financial services provider TIAA accountable for its investments in global farmland.
19 Apr 2021 RDC – Des fonds de pension et de dotation internationaux impliqués dans les abus du secteur de l’huile de palme
Un nouveau rapport du Oakland Institute dénonce le financement par plusieurs fondations, fonds de pension et trusts internationaux d’une société de plantations de palmiers à huile en RDC
19 Apr 2021 Warakirri to raise $500 million for new fund
Australian farmland is an appealing asset class to Canadian-backed investment group, Warakirri Asset Management, with the firm having launched a new fund which expects to raise $500 million.
The Land
13 Apr 2021 Australia: Unnamed European pension fund backs Warakirri farmland fund
An unnamed European pension fund has become the cornerstone investor in the just-launched, close-ended Warakirri Farmland Fund, which aims to raise up to €320m in equity.
06 Apr 2021 Case study casts doubt over ESG claims of Canadian pension fund PSP’s major agriculture investment on Maui
Report finds the Canadian based pension plan is not living up to its own environmental, social responsibility, and corporate governance principles, resulting in adverse impacts on Maui’s environment and residents.
Responsible Markets
06 Apr 2021 State pension money invested in ‘questionable’ Congo palm oil company
The South African Government Employees Pension Fund and the country's Public Investment Corporation are invested in a Congolese palm oil business linked to past human rights abuses and land expropriation.
Sunday Times
06 Apr 2021 PostNL pension fund makes farmland allocation over returns, SDGs
A first €20m has already been invested in olive orchards in Portugal, with possible investments in Danish organic vegetable farming, American potatoes, barley and wheat as well as kiwi fruit in New Zealand.
30 Mar 2021 Key Cerrado deforesters in 2020 linked to the clearing of more than 110,000 hectares
A new report by Chain Reaction Research presents data on specific actors linked to Cerrado deforestation in 2020, including the quantified risk exposure of the largest soy traders, meatpackers, and retailers.
24 Mar 2021 RDC : Le nouveau rapport de l’Oakland Institute dévoile les investisseurs finançant les plantations de palmiers à huile de PHC
«Ces investisseurs sont directement responsables des vols de terres et des violations des droits de l’homme perpétrés contre les communautés locales,» selon Frédéric Mousseau
23 Mar 2021 Stop TIAA’s corporate investment in land grabs that foster displacement and threaten biological and ecological destruction.
Resolution adopted by the Professional Staff Congress, a union that represents 30,000 faculty and staff at the City University of New York and the CUNY Research Foundation.
22 Mar 2021 Pension and endowment funds linked to conflict-plagued oil palm in DRC
A new report from the Oakland Institute, reveals that several well-known pension funds, trusts and endowments are invested in a group of oil palm plantations in the Democratic Republic of Congo accused of environmental and human rights abuses.
21 Mar 2021 University assembly resolution to encourage TIAA divestment from fossil fuels
Resolution by Cornell's University Assembly also calls on its main pension fund supplier to divest from agribusiness companies associated with deforestation, indigenous rights violations, and severe climate impacts.
Cornell Daily Sun
18 Mar 2021 In King Leopold’s steps: The investors bankrolling the PHC oil palm plantations in the Democratic Republic of Congo
As community efforts to reclaim 100,000 hectares of their ancestral land are met with violent repression, unlawful arrests, and murder, a report unveils the names of the new investors financing the plantations in the DRC.
Oakland Institute
16 Mar 2021 Un nouveau rapport expose les investisseurs qui financent le vol de terres et les violations des droits humains en République démocratique du Congo
Alors que les efforts de la communauté pour récupérer 100 000 hectares de leurs terres ancestrales, initialement saisies il y a plus d'un siècle pour des plantations de palmiers à huile, sont confrontés à une répression violente, des arrestations illégales et des meurtres, un nouveau rapport de l'Oakland Institute dévoile les noms des investisseurs finançant les plantations en RDC.
Oakland Institute
04 Feb 2021 Trader Cargill, pension fund TIAA linked to land grabs in Brazil’s Cerrado
Global commodities giant Cargill continues to buy soybeans from a farm in Brazil that cultivates on illegally acquired and deforested land, including lands acquired by US teachers’ pension fund TIAA.
18 Jan 2021 Bill Gates: America’s top farmland owner
The co-founder of Microsoft and his wife rank as the largest private farmland owners in the US, with over 242,000 acres across the country.
Land Report
17 Dec 2020 TIAA and Harvard’s Brazilian farm deals judged illegal
Brazil's land agency and a state court have determined that pension fund manager TIAA and Harvard University’s endowment fund illegally acquired hundreds of thousands of hectares of farmlands in Brazil’s ecologically sensitive Cerrado region.
AATR, Rede Social, GRAIN
17 Dec 2020 US pension fund TIAA embroiled in Brazil land-purchase probe
A top US retirement fund and a major sugar producer have found themselves embroiled in a probe into possible breaches of land-purchase rules in agricultural superpower Brazil.