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12 Mar 2020 Behind the findings of the Global AgInvesting rankings & trends report 2019
This report highlights nearly 700 organizations that are investing in food and agriculture globally in a sector that had over $131 billion in Assets Under Management in 2019.
04 Mar 2020 Tory donor invested in firm linked to Amazon deforestation
Odey Asset Management is understood to have sizeable stake in Brazilian agribusiness firm SLC Agricola which is linked to deforestation in the Amazon.
04 Mar 2020 South Korean trading giant to compensate for past deforestation in Papua
Posco International’s new zero deforestation policy comes after years of pressure from NGOs and the divestment of its shares by Dutch and Norwegian pension funds.
24 Feb 2020 An enormous land transition is underway. Here’s how to make it just.
In the next decade, 400 million acres of U.S. farmland will change hands. A land justice advocate sees a timely opportunity to counteract entrenched income inequality and systemic racism.
Civil Eats
21 Feb 2020 Massive farm sale makes Western Australian history
Daybreak Cropping, a partnership between Warakirri Asset Management and the Canadian Public Sector Pension Investment Board, paid $97 million for the 22,000 ha broadacre farm.
The Standard
23 Jan 2020 TIAA’s farmland funds linked to fires, conflicts and legacy deforestation risks in Brazil
CRR’s sustainability analysis shows that deforestation and fires have taken place on TIAA’s farmland portfolio in Brazil, enabling negative social impacts on local communities.
17 Dec 2019 Ukraine farmers who endured Hitler, Stalin now fear markets
Ukrainians are concerned that cash-flush foreigners could snap up one of Ukraine’s agricultural lands, leaving many of the country’s 41 million people forced to work for others on the soil they once owned.
12 Dec 2019 Unhealed scars in Papua
NGOs from Korea and Indonesia file OECD complaint against POSCO International for causing palm oil abuses
03 Dec 2019 Canadian pension fund loads up on Australian water rights and almond farms
A Canadian pension fund has bought a huge parcel of Australian permanent water rights for $490M to irrigate almond trees, in a move that puts the spotlight on foreign ownership of farms and water resources as drought ravages the country.
11 Nov 2019 Nuveen adds Moree farms to $3.5b global agriculture fund
The acquisition of the Turnbull properties takes spending by TIAA's Nuveen subsidiary on Australia's northern NSW cropping country to almost $50 million in the last 12 months.
07 Nov 2019 The Chain: Cerrado fires show TIAA and Harvard’s Endowment face mounting deforestation risks
With fires on their Cerrado properties, Harvard’s and TIAA’s deforestation exposure appears to be growing.
31 Oct 2019 Farmland investors seek yields (almost) as high as an elephant’s eye
With very low interest rates having taken root across asset classes and investors abiding in their hunt for higher yields, the world’s largest manager of global farmland, Nuveen, says the season may be ripe for a strategic allocation to the $2.3 trillion market for U.S. farm real estate.
INvestable Universe
25 Oct 2019 Lecture exposes pension fund's links to Brazil land grabs
Altamiran Ribeiro, a Brazilian land rights activist, told an audience at John Hopkins University about the land takeovers on behalf of corporations in Brazil and the long-term consequences on local communities and the environment.
John Hopkins Newsletter
22 Oct 2019 Harvard and TIAA's farmland grab in Brazil goes up in smoke
Satellite maps show the connection between Harvard and TIAA's farmland acquisitions in Brazil's Cerrado and the massive number of fires that have been burning in the region since July of this year.
21 Oct 2019 APG sets up natural resources desk in Asia buildout
Europe’s biggest pension fund manager is set to expand its Asia portfolio "primarily with additions of co-investments, joint-ventures and investor-led platforms with a focus on farmland and timberland".
Asian Investor
06 Oct 2019 PSP Investments acquires Australian agribusiness Webster in a deal valuing the company at $854 million
Canada’s Public Sector Pension Investment Board has made another move to deepen its presence in Australian agriculture, taking full ownership of the largest irrigated farmer in Australia.
03 Oct 2019 Canadian fund launches bid for Webster
Canadian fund manager PSP Investments, a public service pension fund, has put in an offer for Australia's Webster farms, including their water entitlements, that values the diversified agribusiness at $854 million
N Queensland Register
02 Oct 2019 Vermont allocates $125 million to two agriculture funds
The Vermont Pension Investment Committee has invested $100 million in the Nuveen Global Farmland Fund, which aims to make farmland acquisitions averaging $20m across the US, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Poland, Romania and Chile.
PI Online
24 Sep 2019 Harvard was ‘freaking out’: How a $270 million Brazil bet tanked
Auditors wrote down the value of Harvard's Brazil farm project by about $200 million after the endowment decided to exit the development in 2017, according to documents filed in a lawsuit.
23 Sep 2019 Revealed: major banks and investors including Barclays, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, BlackRock are pouring money into global forest destruction
New investigation by Global Witness uncovers more than 300 banks and investors back six of the world’s most harmful agribusinesses to the tune of $44bn.
Global Witness
23 Sep 2019 Money to burn
Global Witness exposes how more than 300 banks and investors back six of the world’s most harmful agribusinesses to the tune of $44bn
Global Witness
06 Sep 2019 Dutch ag pension to divest stake in ag investment fund Fagoed
BPL, the Dutch pension fund for the Netherland’s agricultural and green sectors, is planning to divest its stake in Fagoed, a €140 million fund invested in agricultural land.
12 Aug 2019 The great land robbery
The shameful story of how 1 million black families have been ripped from their farms. A war waged by deed of title has dispossessed 98 percent of black agricultural landowners in America.
The Atlantic
05 Jul 2019 Friends of the Earth groups and supporters file OECD complaint against ING for financing palm oil abuses
NGOs have filed a complaint at the OECD against the Dutch bank ING Group regarding its financing of oil palm companies involved in deforestation (Noble Group), land grabbing (Bolloré Group/Socfin) and child labor (Wilmar International).
02 Jul 2019 Agriculture: Germ of an asset class
According to asset managers, a window is emerging for institutional money to flow into agriculture due to change of ownership, notably in markets such as Australia and the US.
19 Apr 2019 Who owns the country? The secretive companies hoarding England's land
Multi-million pound corporations with complex structures have purchased the very ground we walk on – and we are only just beginning to discover the damage it is doing to Britain.
02 Apr 2019 One of Africa’s most fertile lands is struggling to feed its own people
Little of the 5 million acres [2.02 million hectares] that Sudan's agriculture ministry estimates are in foreign hands—perhaps less than 1 in 20 acres—has been cultivated.
28 Feb 2019 Norway’s wealth fund ditches 33 palm oil firms over deforestation
Norway’s US$1 trillion sovereign wealth fund, the world’s largest, has pulled out of more than 33 palm oil companies over deforestation risks over the last seven years
26 Feb 2019 Ontario Teachers’ acquires one of the largest private apple orchard operations in the US in $288m deal
The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan has acquired Broetje Orchards, one of the largest privately-owned apple orchard operations in the U.S.
12 Feb 2019 The dormant breadbasket of the Asia-Pacific
The Russian government has actively supported foreign investment in Siberian agriculture, making 1 million hectares of arable land in the Far Eastern Federal District available to foreign buyers
The Diplomat