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09 Jul 2020 Pension giant executive’s sky-high pay package angers clients and Brazilian land grab victims
TIAA is set to confirm a $21 million compensation package for its CEO and a Board of Trustees that has been unresponsive regarding the use of retirement money to grab farmland, destroy forests and violate human rights.
26 Aug 2019 As the Amazon burns, we call on Harvard to cease its investment in farmland
Fires in the Amazon are the direct result of human activity. Harvard’s stake in agribusiness contributes to this crisis, says students of Divest Harvard
03 Feb 2018 Guatemalan palm oil supplier REPSA caught up in corruption and bribery scandal
Why did it take years for Cargill and Wilmar to cut off one of Guatemala’s most corrupt companies?
12 May 2020 Groups call on Harvard University to stop land grabs as new report exposes harm done to communities in Brazil
Fossil Fuel Divest Harvard joins international civil society groups to shed light on HMC’s morally repugnant land investments