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04 Aug 2015 TIAA-CREF unveils $3 billion global ag investment vehicle
New TIAA-CREF fund will invest in “high quality farmland assets” across North America, South America, Australia and parts of Europe with a focus on major grain exporting regions.
Global Ag Investing
04 Aug 2015 Farmland investments take root
TIAA-CREF is expected to announce Tuesday that it has raised $3 billion for its second global farmland-investment partnership, exceeding its initial target of $2.5 billion.
Dow Jones Business News
16 Jul 2015 Aus ag ripe for foreign investment
The sliding dollar is sweetening Australia's appeal as an agricultural investment destination ripe for overseas companies and fund managers, particularly from North America and Europe.
The Land
08 May 2015 Who owns agricultural land in Ukraine?
Some estimates now bring the total of Ukrainian farmland controlled by foreign companies to over 2.2 million ha.
Oakland Institue
20 Apr 2015 Canadian fund buys McCamley stations
One of Canada's largest pension funds, the Public Sector Pension Investment Board, has made its first rural land purchase in Australia through central Queensland's Hewitt Cattle Company.
Financial Review
20 Apr 2015 Super farm sell-off predicted
Giant US investment fund TIAA-CREF expects Australia's ageing farmers and a lack of sons and daughters willing to inherit their farms will lead to large numbers of properties hitting the market over the coming decade.
Financial Review
19 Apr 2015 Saskatchewan farmers split on allowing pension funds to buy land
Saskatchewan’s move to freeze purchases of farmland by pension plans and foreign investors has ignited a debate over what’s best for the future of Canada’s bread basket.
Globe & Mail
14 Apr 2015 Canada pension fund manager cries foul over Saskatchewan farm review
The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board says it is concerned about the Saskatchewan government's decision to temporarily ban certain institutional investors from buying farmland in the province.
07 Apr 2015 Fonterra eyes rival farmers with agricultural funding fix
New Zealand dairy giant will launch a fund that will pool capital from investors such as sovereign wealth funds and pension funds to invest in land and fixtures of dairy farms through a farm-owning entity.
Financial Review
23 Mar 2015 What is your pension doing in Africa?
DanChurchAid, CARE Denmark and MS calls for more transparency of pension investments in African agriculture.
03 Mar 2015 Rewards of land investment must be balanced with risks
Farmland deserves special attention because it involves much more than just land: the people who own and work the land form the basis of rural communities.
Western Producer
01 Mar 2015 Does Australia's farm sector need foreign investment?
Foreign investors own 10% of Australia's agricultural land. But that could soon rise thanks to two huge projects being developed in Northern Territory's Top End with the help of foreign investors.
26 Feb 2015 Canada: Is it time to relax land ownership restrictions?
Farmers in Saskatchewan are worried that outside investors are artificially inflating land prices and keeping regular farmers from expanding their operations
Western Producer
20 Feb 2015 Acaparamiento de tierras en Uruguay
27 conglomerados empresariales poseen 1.641.000 hectáreas. Trasnacionales con al menos 10% de la tierra productiva en Uruguay.
Kaos en la Red
18 Feb 2015 Canada: Gov't eyes farmland act changes
Farmland ownership rules in Saskatchewan - which are among the most restrictive on the continent - could be getting tighter to prevent further purchases of farmland by institutional investors.
03 Feb 2015 PGGM commits to Black River Food Fund 2
Dutch Pension fund PGGM has committed between €50m and €100m to a Cargill owned private equity fund that invests in farmland and crop production.
26 Jan 2015 PKA's Principles for Responsible Investment in Farmland
Danish pension fund explains its approach to farmland investment in this report.
23 Jan 2015 Institutional, impact investing find common ground in agriculture
Farmland investments such as the new ACM Permanent Crop Fund can attract institutions by combining social responsibility and commercial promise.
Institutional Investor
16 Jan 2015 San Diego County unveils 2015 alternatives commitment pacing targets
San Diego County Employees Retirement Association plans to commit $275 million to $400 million to real assets including agriculture, mining, energy and timber in 2015.
12 Jan 2015 Invasion of the hedge fund almonds
It takes a gallon of water to produce one almond. And that's not the most insane fact about the mad dash to plant the thirsty trees in the middle of a catastrophic drought in California.
Mother Jones
06 Jan 2015 Can this man save Ukraine's economy?
Ukraine's newly appoined Minister of the Economy has managed money-losing funds for years as partner of agribusiness investor East Capital, but he never presided over anything as hopeless as the Ukrainian economy.
03 Jan 2015 Barbarians at the farm gate
Some liken farmland investment to real estate and infrastructure 20 years ago.
11 Nov 2014 Contre GlobalGrain et l’accaparement des terres agricoles
GlobalGrain, la grand’ messe des entreprises du commerce des aliments agricoles, se déroule pour la 12ème fois à Genève
Attac Suisse
07 Nov 2014 Sell out African food & farming system
The current flow of agricultural investment is focused just on export-based industrial agriculture, while smallholders and family agriculture remain deprived of investment.
07 Nov 2014 Tanzania: Prisons, Turkish firm in farming partnership
A Turkish agriculture firm, Tarbim, will invest billions of shillings to establish a modern rice farm at Tanzania Prisons Bagamoyo farm.
Daily News
03 Nov 2014 Global appetite for agribusiness
Institutional investors are poised to make grabs for large farmland assets in ­Australia, according to local and ­offshore fund managers.
Financial Review
21 Oct 2014 AP2 targets tar sands, farmland for greater scrutiny
Swedish pension fund AP2 plans to conduct an external audit in response to criticism by Swedwatch for not disclosing the precise locations of its Brazilian farm holdings.
20 Oct 2014 QAF exits Victorian dairy with sale to ACE Farming
Listed Singaporean company QAF, ­formerly known as Bunge, has sold out its last dairy farm in Australia to the European pension fund-backed ACE Farming for close to $5 million.
The Land
26 Sep 2014 How financialisation influences the dynamics in the food supply chain
Discussion paper for the workshop ‘Mapping the State of Play on the Global Food Landscape’ Waterloo, 25-27 September 2014.
20 Sep 2014 Foreign investors get a taste for dairy industry
Australia's dairy industry is the new flavour of the month among foreign investors, with global pension funds, food companies and wealthy individuals turning their focus from New Zealand towards Victoria and Tasmania.
The Australian