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31 Aug 2011 Pensions show interest in farmland investments
The $23.6 billion Iowa Public Employees’ Retirement System and the $600 million Tucson Supplemental Retirement System are currently exploring potential investments in farmland as a means of diversification.
Farmland Forecast
22 Aug 2011 Global land grab
Fear of unrest and hunger for profit are sparking massive acquisitions of farmland.
In These Times
20 Aug 2011 Should Australia be selling the farm?
Agricultural analyst at Citi Investment Research, Tim Mitchell, recently calculated that "rural raiders" from overseas had spent "well in excess of $12 billion" over the past four years on Australian agribusinesses and farms.
04 Aug 2011 Farmers demand owners' register
Farmers have urged the state government to establish a register that would list Victorian farms that have been bought by foreign owners. The call comes as concerns grow over the level of foreign ownership of Australian farms and over the control of productive food resources.
The Age
02 Aug 2011 Agriculture: “The New Economy” of the 21st century?
Who has not recently heard a radio advertisement from one investment fund or another extolling the virtues of agricultural investments in Argentina or the Ukraine?
01 Aug 2011 Shut the gate: why cash-strapped landowners are selling the farm
Australians do realise the value of what is being sold, a land agent and rural property specialist said, "but their hands are tied because they can't raise the money".
01 Jul 2011 Land ‘investment’ deals in Africa: Say ‘no way!’
Pambazuka News spoke to Anuradha Mittal, Jeff Furman and Frederic Mousseau about what prompted their research on large-scale investments in land in Africa and what they discovered.
01 Jul 2011 The new African land grab
African farmers do need investment and support. They desperately need decent roads and access to local markets, processing equipment to add value to their own diverse farm produce, storage and drying facilities to prevent post-harvest losses, and basic amenities such as schools and health centres and water wells to improve rural lives, so that farming communities can thrive. But foreign investors are not in business to provide any of these things.
Al Jazeera
01 Jul 2011 SilverStreet raises $198m from PKA and OPIC
UK-based SilverStreet Capital has received about $198 million in commitments to its Africa-focused fund from the Danish pension fund Pensionskassernes Administration (PKA) and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC).
Private Equity Africa
30 Jun 2011 Les fonds de pension : des acteurs clés dans l’accaparement mondial des terres agricoles
Les fonds de pension sont peut-être l’une des rares catégories d’accapareurs de terres auxquelles les gens peuvent couper l’herbe sous le pied, pour la bonne et simple raison que c’est de leur argent qu’il s’agit.
30 Jun 2011 Fondo de pensiones: actores claves en el proceso de acaparamiento de tierras agrícolas
Los fondos de pensiones pueden ser uno de los pocos tipos de acaparadores de tierras que los trabajadores pueden desbaratar, por el sólo hecho que ellos son los dueños del dinero
30 Jun 2011 年金ファンド、世界のランドグラブの主役へ
Japanese translation of article of GRAIN, "Pension funds: key players in the global farmland grab"
29 Jun 2011 Who’s who in $4.4 trillion foreign farmland spending spree
As controversy continues to bubble in Australia over the latest big local farmland buy-up and what it means for food production, it’s worth looking to see where these foreign raiders are coming from, who’s backing them and how other countries are tightening their regulations to stop them.
29 Jun 2011 Pension funds: key players in the global farmland grab
Pension funds may be one of the few classes of land grabbers that people can pull the plug on, by sheer virtue of the fact that it is their money.
22 Jun 2011 Pension funds mull ethics of commodity investments
Some pension funds are beginning to question their investments in commodities after accusations that massive flows into the sector have distorted markets, fuelled food inflation and hurt poor nations.
21 Jun 2011 Danish roundup: PKA, Silverland, PFA Pension, Carlsberg Byen
Denmark's PKA has invested DKK250m (€33.5m) in African agriculture via the Silverland private equity fund (a SilvertStreet Capital fund)
15 Jun 2011 Investments that will grow
The global financial crisis may have hit tax-effective agribusiness schemes hard, but the prospects of the small group of companies that survived are anything but gloomy. "We're actually tapping into the new GFC, which is the global food crisis," says Wayne Overall, executive director of agribusiness managed investment scheme operator Almond Investors Limited
The Australian
14 Jun 2011 Swedes want Aussie farms
The Swedish National Pension Fund is teaming up with US institutional investor TIAA-CREF to buy farmland in Australia.
Stock & Land
09 Jun 2011 Spotlight turned on agro investment boom
Protestors have been demonstrating in Geneva against the growth in investments in agriculture that they say endangers food security in many developing countries.
08 Jun 2011 Swedish fund goes farming for diversification
The Second Swedish National Pension Fund (AP2) will invest $250 million in a joint venture with a US pension fund and financial services provider to buy farmland in the United States, Brazil and Australia.
08 Jun 2011 Hedge funds create volatility in global food supply with land grabs across Africa
Foreign speculators are increasing price volatility and supply insecurity in the global food system, according to a series of investigative reports released today by the Oakland Institute.
Oakland Institute
02 Jun 2011 How the land lies
Investors are thinking big when it comes to farmland purchases, reports Andrew Shirley in Knight Frank's Wealth Report 2011
Knight Frank
30 May 2011 Green Acres may indeed be the place to be
That land is far more complex and valuable than plain dirt was one of the central themes of FC Business Intelligence’s “World Agriculture Investment USA” conference in Chicago on May 9-10, 2011. A report from AllAboutAlpha.
25 May 2011 AP2, TIAA-CREF partner in agriculture venture
Swedish pension buffer fund AP2 and US pension fund manager TIAA-CREF have formed a joint venture to invest at least US$500 million in farmland in the US, Australia and Brazil.
Global Pensions
17 May 2011 Fertile ground for investors: Farmlands
The world’s second-oldest profession–farming–is a hot investment
Philadelphia Inquirer
11 May 2011 Land investors crowd the waiting room
So many Wall Street-types crammed the Waldorf Astoria in New York City last week for a global farmland and agribusiness conference that hosts warned the crowd of 600 not to block the fire exits.
Progressive Farmer
03 May 2011 Pensionskassernes sees $370 million investment in world farmland
Pensionskassernes Administration, a Denmark-based fund that manages about $25 billion, plans to invest $370 million in farmland globally, said Jens Henrik Staugaard Johansen, a portfolio manager.
30 Apr 2011 Land grabs fuel food, gas fears
Rural MPs, especially those from NSW and Queensland, have been fielding increasing complaints from constituents in recent months about the level of foreign ownership of Australian farms and agricultural businesses.
Canberra Times
20 Apr 2011 Cargill unit Black River plans $400 mln Asian food fund
Black River's investment pipeline includes a Chinese pork producer and distributor, a duck farming firm in northern China, a fish producer in Costa Rica and a frozen fish processor in Singapore.
17 Mar 2011 Betting the farm – and winning
Investors are buying Canadian agricultural land, betting that rising food prices, a ballooning global population and growing worldwide scarcities in farmland will mean a payoff for them.