Discussing the Malen situation

Land for Life Sierra Leone

Discussing the Malen Situation

Press Conference - 18th May, 2022 - New Freetown City Complex

Press statement
  • The Socfin Agricultural Company (SAC) and MALOA;
  • How 8,475 hectares of land was acquired;
  • The protracted conflict, harassment and hostility  
  • The Government’s Technical Report that never came out;
  • The strained relationship between the Socfin and CSOs;
  • The RSPO Certification of Socfin;
  • The Petition of MALOA against Socfin;
  • The counter-report of the Pujehun DMSP;
  • The Position of Land for Life;
  • Recommendations;

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► The Honorable Shiaka Musa Sama, Member of Parliament, has asked us to share the following reponse to this statement: http://farmlandgrab.org/uploads/attachment/LAND_FOR_LIFE_MAY_18.pdf

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Who's involved?


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