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19 Apr 2019 Guardian
Who owns the country? The secretive companies hoarding England's land
Multi-million pound corporations with complex structures have purchased the very ground we walk on – and we are only just beginning to discover the damage it is doing to Britain.
18 Apr 2019 Ethiopia Insight
Ethiopia: Gambellan solutions for Gambellan problems
While Ethiopian and foreign companies such as Karuturi Global and Saudi Star have been given large leases and credit to farm lands in Gambella, local people have largely been left out, just as they have been excluded for decades
17 Apr 2019 Reuters
Saudi-based SAK plans $100 mln Turkey investments despite tense ties
Saudi Arabia-based SAK Consultants is looking into investing in land or forming a partnership with landowners to export vegetables and meat to Saudi Arabia.
17 Apr 2019 Reuters
Georgia's ban on foreign landowners leaves farmers in limbo
A ban on foreigners owning farmland introduced last year in Georgia's new constitution has made it more difficult for farmers to borrow because the country's mostly foreign-owned banks will no longer accept farmland as collateral.
17 Apr 2019 Radio NZ
OIO changes could see more advertising of farmland sales
Farmers in New Zealand wanting to sell their land to sell to a foreign buyer might have to advertise their properties more thoroughly than they do now, according to new proposals from the government.
17 Apr 2019 LVC
The Declaration on peasants’ rights should become a political tool for agrarian reform and social justice
Member organisations of La Via Campesina in Africa, America, Europe, and Asia are confronted by changes in soil use and by landgrabbbing on a massive and alarming scale that is in direct contradiction with popular agrarian reform.
17 Apr 2019 AFP
Agriculture en RDC : un collectif d’associations appelle à soutenir les familles plutôt que les industriels
Les militants congolais ont interpellé la Banque mondiale et la Banque africaine de développement pour que « cesse l’accaparement des terres ».
16 Apr 2019 Dakartactu
Affaire des terres du Fouta : La Cour suprême annule l'octroi de 10.000 hectares à Addoha
La Cour suprême du Sénégal a annulé jeudi dernier l'octroi de 10.000 hectares au groupe Addoha du Maroc. Si Macky Sall avait ordonné le "blocage temporaire" de cette attribution, la Cour suprême, elle, a tout cassé.
16 Apr 2019 Xinhua
Zambian gov't says partnering with China to boost agricultural production
Minister of Agriculture Michael Katambo says that Zambia is partnering with foreign investors, especially the Chinese in the farming industry to improve national food production.
16 Apr 2019 IPS
World Bank dispossessing rural poor
By scoring countries in terms of ease of accessing land for agribusiness, the World Bank's new EBA land indicator seeks to accelerate land privatization and to facilitate corporate access to land in developing countries.
15 Apr 2019 Serbian Monitor
UAE companies one of the biggest landowners in Serbia
Elite Agro LLC, registered in Abu Dhabi, recently acquired the 100% ownership in Al Rawafed Holding, thus also becoming the owner of 12,000 hectares of arable land in Serbia and one of the largest landowners in the country.
13 Apr 2019 Gabon Initiatives
L’Ong Muyissi environnement sillonne les villages de la Ngounié impactés par Olam
Dans le cadre d'une campagne d’information sur les violences faites aux femmes riveraines des plantations de palmiers à huile, l’Ong Muyissi Environnement organise une tournée dans des villages gabonnais impactés par la multinationale Olam
13 Apr 2019 Collectif TANY
Nouvelle forme de colonisation et forte dépendance économique
Au lieu de destiner les terres malgaches à être occupées et exploitées par des Etats, entreprises et individus étrangers venant de pays plus riches, les dirigeants malagasy devraient procéder à l’organisation d’un meilleur accès des Malagasy à la terre dans toutes les régions
12 Apr 2019 Ozap
Procès en diffamation : Vincent Bolloré saisit la Cour de cassation contre "Complément d'enquête" et France 2
France Télévisions a remporté son quatrième procès face à Vincent Bolloré, mais le chef d'entreprise a décidé de saisir la Cour de cassation
12 Apr 2019 Al Jazeera
Successive land attacks stoke fear in Brazil's Amazon
At least six people have been killed in a series of deadly Amazon land conflicts in Brazil, stoking fears of rising violence in the region under far-right President Jair Bolsonaro.

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