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11 Aug 2020 Jakarta Post
Farmers walk from N. Sumatra to Jakarta to demand Jokowi settle land dispute
Some 170 farmers have walked 1,812 kilometers from their hometown in North Sumatra, Indonesia to the capital city to demand to the President to settle a land dispute with state-owned plantation company that evicted them from their farmland.
08 Aug 2020 Mongabay
Why I stand for my tribe’s forest: It gives us food, culture, and life (commentary)
On the occasion of International Indigenous Peoples Day August 9, Arkilaus Kladit, a member of the Knasaimos-Tehit people in West Papua Province, Indonesia, writes about the importance of his tribe’s customary forests and the fight to protect it from logging and palm oil.
07 Aug 2020 Mongabay
Probe begins into alleged deforestation by Olam, ‘world’s largest farmer’
An investigation is carried out into whether Singapore-based agribusiness giant Olam deforested more than 25,000 hectares (62,000 acres), in contravention of sustainability criteria it had signed up to, in order to develop oil palm plantations in Gabon.
06 Aug 2020 Western Producer
Land ownership questioned
Canadian alternative asset value expert argues that farmers should stop thinking they need to own their land as this is better left to asset managers and institutional investors, like pension funds and private equity groups
06 Aug 2020
Ghana : GREL pourrait perdre son investissement de 550 000 euros
Ghana Rubber Estate Limited, la filiale ghanéenne de la Société Internationale de Plantations d’Hévéas, pourrait perdre 550 000 euros d’investissement réalisé sur sa plantation de 2010 à 2020, si les mineurs illégaux, ou opérateurs «galamsey», ne sont pas chassés de la propriété de l’entreprise, déclare un directeur de GREL
06 Aug 2020 SCMP
Cambodians, activists cheer Thai court’s move to allow lawsuit against Asia’s largest sugar firm
A Bangkok court ruled that about 3,000 Cambodians could proceed with a class-action suit against Mitr Phol, the world’s fourth-largest sugar producer. Farmers in Oddar Meanchey province are seeking compensation after the Cambodian government allocated land to the company for sugar plantations.
04 Aug 2020 Togo First
Togo : Des entreprises pour aménager plus de 8 000 hectares de terres agricoles
Un décret a été pris en conseil des ministres en février 2019 pour contraindre « tout propriétaire d'un fonds de terres rurales à le mettre en valeur sous peine de voir attribuer son exploitation à toute personne qui en fait la demande »
04 Aug 2020 Nippon
Mozambican farmer questions Japan-led support project
A farmer in Mozambique pointed to issues related to a Japan-led project to support agriculture in the southern African country that ended last month.
31 Jul 2020 Pressenza
Thaïlande : plus de 700 familles cambodgiennes pourront poursuivre une usine de sucre
Le tribunal civil de Bangkok a accordé à plus de 700 familles cambodgiennes le droit de se joindre à une action collective contre Mitr Phol, le plus grand producteur de sucre de Thaïlande, dont les activités au Cambodge ont conduit à l’expulsion forcée de familles en 2008 et 2009.
31 Jul 2020 CCHR
Thai Appeal Court decision paves the way for Asia’s first transboundary class action on human rights abuses
Today, Cambodian plaintiffs representing more than 700 farming families won a landmark appeal allowing them to move forward with their class action against Asia’s largest sugar producer, Mitr Phol. The transboundary class action Hoy Mai & Others vs. Mitr Phol Co. Ltd. is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia.
31 Jul 2020 Witness Radio
Uganda: Agilis Partners evictees are being evicted again from their temporary shelter
More than 100 families that are part of thousands of families evicted by Agilis Partners are facing fresh eviction from where they temporarily settled.
31 Jul 2020 Amnesty International
Cambodia/Thailand: Court ruling on Mitr Phol watershed moment for corporate accountability in SE Asia
On 17 July 2020, Amnesty International submitted a third-party legal intervention (amicus curiae brief)to Bangkok South Civil Court that grant Class Action Lawsuit (CAL) status to more than 700 Cambodian families who are suing Thai sugar giant Mitr Phol after being forcibly evicted from their homes in 2008-09.
30 Jul 2020 Cornell Press
Fields of gold: Financing the global land rush
In her new book, Fields of Gold, Madeleine Fairbairn critically examines the history, ideas, and political struggles surrounding the financialization of farmland.
29 Jul 2020 Global Witness
Le nombre d'assassinats de militants pour la défense de la terre et de l'environnement en une année a été plus élevé que jamais, s’alarme Global Witness
Selon Global Witness, 212 défenseurs des droits à la terre ont été tuées en 2019. Si le secteur minier a été le plus meurtrier, l'agroalimentaire reste une menace, en particulier en Asie où se sont déroulées 80 % des attaques liées à l'agroalimentaire.
29 Jul 2020 Global Witness
Defending tomorrow: The climate crisis and threats against land and environmental defenders
Global Witness annual report into the killings of land and environmental defenders in 2019 shows the highest number yet have been murdered in a single year. 212 land and environmental defenders were killed in 2019 – an average of more than four people a week.

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