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26 May 2017 Bulatlat
Langrabbing breeds hunger, resistance
New book “Land Grabbing Cases in the Philippines: Greed, Hunger, and Resistance” by the Philippine Network of Food Security Programmes (PNFSP) discusses several local case studies.
26 May 2017 RRI
Gendered impacts of large-scale land acquisitions in Western Ethiopia
Study of cases of large-scale land deals in Ethiopia finds range of negative impacts on local families and women in particular, including reduced access to land for farming and grazing, outmigration, and reduced availability of forest products.
26 May 2017 Agrimoney
Farmland Partners may buy land in Canada, but rules out Scottish deal
Farmland Partners is investigating a land purchase in Canada, and looked at farms in Scotland too, in its quest to exploit global farm price growth it sees continuing, driven by the quest to meet food demand.
26 May 2017 Front Page Africa
Human rights groups investigate SRC, LAC abuses
Two human rights organizations have catalogued alleged abuses at Liberian plantations for a possible lawsuit against Socfin Group.
24 May 2017 The Conversation
The pros and cons of commercial farming models in Africa
Colonialism brought large-scale farming to Africa. Now, after several decades of independence, and with investor interest growing, African governments are once again promoting large plantations and estates. But the new corporate interest in African agriculture has been criticised as a “land grab”.
24 May 2017 Scoop News
China’s plan to `colonise` Pak is now out!
The secrecy behind much-touted China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) now lies in tatters with details of how China is plotting the economic takeover of Pakistan published early this week. Major thrust areas of this plan will hugely affect Pakistani agriculture sector.
23 May 2017 Actualité
Les entreprises françaises sont disponibles pour investir dans l’agro-industrie en RDC
Les entreprises françaises sont prêtes à apporter leurs expertises au développement du secteur agro-industrie en RDC, où il y a une grande potentialité en terme de terres arables, déclare l’Ambassadeur de France
23 May 2017 Phnom Penh Post
Sugar rush puts monster mill well ahead of target
Cambodia's biggest sugar mill owned by Rui Feng International Co Ltd. has produced half a million tonnes of refined white sugar despite facing accusations of land-grabbing and using its partner firms to circumvent restrictions on the maximum legal size of land a company can hold as an ELC.
23 May 2017 Counterview
AfDB meet: Following Chinese, western "land grab" in Africa, Indian corporates seek economic space in continent
Experts say India is hosting this year's annual meeting of the African Development Bank to provide a platform for Indian corporates to invest in Africa, especially in agriculture and mining
23 May 2017 Bloomberg
China spins a global food web from Mozambique to Missouri
As China's government sets up farms in developing countries, the nation's food companies are scouring the world for premium products
23 May 2017 NPA
Danes give Chileans a helping hand in global pork marketplace
The Danish Agribusiness Fund and JB Equity will allow Coexca SA to double its current pork production capacity and establish a new and modern pig farm in the Maule Region of Chile
21 May 2017 KOLO TV
Madagascar : Reportage sur la Zone d'Investissement Agricole (ZIA) d'Ibity
Le gouvernement malgache vise à créer 2 millions d’ha de Zones d’investissement agricole dans les prochains 10 ans. L'expérience amère d'Ibity.
20 May 2017 News Mada
Investissement agricole à Madagascar : les attentes et craintes mises à nu
Pour devenir le grenier à riz de l’océan Indien, le Madagascar devra convertir en 10 ans deux millions d’hectares de terres agricoles en Zones d’investissement agricole, selon ses promoteurs
19 May 2017 Le Monde
Climat : « Il faut renforcer les droits fonciers des populations autochtones d’Amérique latine »
Imaginez un monde dans lequel les consommateurs d’Amérique du Nord et d’Europe refusent d’acheter des produits cultivés sur des terres de peuples autochtones saisies illégalement.
19 May 2017 Food Tank
Land and the right to food in Zambia: U.N. envoy urges shifts away from large-scale projects
Leave it to the U.N. Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Hilal Elver, to remind the Zambian government—and all of us—that in agricultural countries such as Zambia the right to food depends on the access of the rural poor to land.

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