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14 Jun 2019 Guardian
State projects leave tens of thousands of lives in the balance in Ethiopia – study
Giant dam and irrigated sugar plantations mean people in lower Omo valley face starvation and conflict, says US thinktank
Karuturi Global's new land deal in Ethiopia must be scrapped
A diplomatic intervention by the Indian government and law suits filed by the company appear to have pushed Ethiopian authorities to backtrack and offer a new lease in the Gambella region, this time for 15,000 hectares.
13 Jun 2019 VoA Afrique
Formation sur les litiges fonciers au Cameroun
Une vingtaine de jeunes chercheurs, francophones et anglophones, viennent d’achever une session spéciale de formation et de renforcement de leurs capacités sur défis du foncier
12 Jun 2019 Biodiversidad en América Latina y el Caribe
Estrangeirização de terras e segurança alimentar e nutricional: Brasil e China em perspectiva
O presente livro é resultado dos debates do I Seminário sobre Estrangeirização de Terras e Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional
12 Jun 2019 9news
Investment companies on notice for selling water to struggling farmers in Australia
Investment companies, such as major farmland investor Duxton, that are making “ridiculous” profits from selling water to farmers struggling with drought are on notice, as the Federal Government considers shutting them down.
12 Jun 2019 Financial Standard
Australia: Super fund reinforces savings with timber, agriculture
LGIAsuper will diversify its investment strategy and invest in the agriculture and timber funds of Folium Capital, run by former managers of Harvard's endowment funds.
12 Jun 2019
Touted as 'development,' land grabs hurt local communities, and women most of all
Large-scale land transactions in which nations sell huge, publicly owned parcels to foreign and domestic corporations negatively affect local women more than men, a new study by Oregon State University shows.
12 Jun 2019 Al Jazeera
Cambodian farmers take Thai sugar giant to court
Two Cambodian sugar farmers are bringing a case against Thai firm Mitr Phol claiming its subsidiary illegally cleared their land.
12 Jun 2019 AFP
Au Brésil, les monocultures grignotent la savane et menacent les communautés
121 familles dénoncent l'accaparement de leur territoire par une grande exploitation agricole, Estrondo
12 Jun 2019 TRF
Cambodian farmers battle in landmark lawsuit against Thai sugar firm
The lawsuit against Asia’s largest sugar producer, Mitr Phol, filed on behalf of about 3,000 people, is the first class-action lawsuit filed in a Thai court by plaintiffs from another country against a Thai company operating outside Thailand.
11 Jun 2019 AFP
Los monocultivos devoran tierras y acorralan a las comunidades del Cerrado de Brasil
"Vivíamos muy tranquilos, pero los guardias de la granja vecina empezaron a entrar en nuestras tierras, a vigilar nuestros desplazamientos. Tenemos miedo", cuenta Sabino Batista Gomes, mirando con preocupación cada vez que pasa un vehículo por la entrada de la comunidad brasileña de Cacimbinha.
11 Jun 2019 Front Page Africa
The nature of social justice advocacy and local resistance to land concessions in Liberia
The sustained advocacy by communities affected by large land deals and civil society for change to the policies and laws governing land administration have resulted in departures from the historical norms on land rights and tenure security.
10 Jun 2019
Investments in farmland in numbers
Investors and foreign states are buying up farmland in many parts of the world. Land is often considered a relatively safe investment, and everybody needs food.
10 Jun 2019 AP
Efforts to restrict foreign ownership of US farmland grow
As foreign ownership of agriculture land continues to increase, efforts to limit foreign ownership of U.S. farmland have gained traction.
10 Jun 2019 Le Parisien
Ces Belges qui cultivent la pomme de terre illégalement dans l’Oise
« C’est de l’agriculture délocalisée, car après, toute la transformation se fait dans des usines de l’autre côté de la frontière », s’énerve un représentant syndical français.

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