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15 Aug 2018 South China Morning Post
Russia offers 2.5 million acres of land to Chinese farmers, but will it ease Beijing’s soybean shortage?
Russia has made 1 million hectares (2.5 million acres) of arable land available to foreign investors. Far East Investment and Export Agency said that several Chinese companies had already expressed an interest in the deal. But analysts are sceptical about the quality of the plots on offer.
14 Aug 2018 China Daily
Trade conflict is a lose-lose game
Serious trade tension between two key players in global agricultural trade, China and US could bring major lose-lose outcomes for both parties and lead to a new wave of land grabs.
13 Aug 2018 Human Rights Watch
Cambodia: Free jailed land rights activist. Second anniversary of Tep Vanny’s imprisonment
Human Rights Watch call for Cambodian government to unconditionally release prominent land rights activist Tep Vanny who was arrested on August 15, 2016. Other affected land communities have also been heavily harassed through arbitrary arrests, detention, and criminal prosecution.
10 Aug 2018 GMT
Mission citoyenne et nationale d’Olam: l’ONG Muyissi environnement sur ses gardes
Ladislas Désiré Ndembet souhaite que les organisations de la société civile aient la possibilité de mener des investigations indépendantes sur les sites impactés par les projets d’Olam au Gabon
10 Aug 2018 Khmer Times
Organisations back Kuoy land claims
Two organisations expressed concern over land in Preah Vihear province, Cambodia after Hengfu, sugar company based in China, in 2011 and 2016 granted Economic Land Concessions of more than 42,000 hecatres by the Cambodian government.
10 Aug 2018 Divergente
Land of plenty, land of but a few
New webdocumentary about land grabbing in the Nacala Corridor in Mozambique
09 Aug 2018 Place
Indigenous people fighting for land rights
The right of indigenous people to land and territories is protected by international legal conventions. But campaigners say native groups are struggling with encroachment by governments and logging, mining and agribusiness companies.
09 Aug 2018 Infoplus Gabon
Foncier rural : l'UE réaffirme son soutien en faveur des droits des populations autochtones
5 millions d'€ seront octroyés aux défenseurs des droits de l'homme et aux organisations œuvrant sur l'accaparement des terres, le changement climatique et les droits des populations autochtones.
09 Aug 2018 PCFS
On Indigenous Peoples’ Day: International groups demand pullout, accountability of Chinese company in Cambodia
Two global movements supporting Indigenous Kuoy communities in Cambodia submit a petition to embassies of China and Cambodia calling for the pullout and accountability of Chinese state-owned enterprise Guangdong Hengfu Group Sugar Industry Co., Ltd.
09 Aug 2018 Khmer Times
Chinese firm’s investment in banana farm approved
Cambodian government yesterday gave green light to a Chinese-owned firm, Longmate Agriculture Co Ltd, to invest in a banana plantation in Kampot province. Three plantatios cover 5,000 hectares of land that can produce up to 14,000 tonnes of bananas according to Cambodia General Director of Agriculture.
08 Aug 2018 Modern Ghana
Government should clarify land acquisition and compensation
Deputy Director of Korea Rural Community Corporation on Tuesday urged government of Ghana to clarify land acquisition and compensation issues in the country and to provide guarantee for investors through increased participation in the agricultural value chain.
08 Aug 2018 swissinfo
Le label «huile de palme durable» est-il sur une mauvaise pente?
La récente confrontation entre le géant suisse de l’industrie alimentaire Nestlé et la Table ronde sur l’huile de palme durable (RSPO) met en lumière un fossé croissant autour de la certification.
07 Aug 2018 The Ecologist
Indigenous community in the Peruvian Amazon calls for support to defend forests
The palm oil industry is causing severe environmental destruction and spiralling violence in the Peruvian Amazon. Investigations of local actions sets out ways in which you can offer support and solidarity.
06 Aug 2018 Divergente
Terra de todos, terra de alguns
Webdocumentário | Como os camponeses do Norte de Moçambique têm resistido à chegada das grandes empresas de agricultura
06 Aug 2018 ActNow PNG
APEC warned PNG has poor record on food security
Community advocacy group ACT NOW! warns APEC delegates attending food Security Week in Port Moresby that Papua New Guinea government has a very poor record on protecting rural famers. The most glaring example is the SABL land grab, in which over 5 million hectares of land was taken from rural communities.

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