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19 Oct 2019
Argentina, Gran Chaco in fiamme per soia OGM e bovini da carne. #Buycott
Gran Chaco, serbatoio di biodiversità e polmone verde del pianeta minacciato da soia ogm e allevamenti per l'esportazione della carne, eccellenza argentina. Green Peace denuncia l'impatto sull'ambiente e sulla preservazione del giaguaro con il rapporto Slaughtering the Forest, tracciando le filiere di Lidl e Metro
17 Oct 2019 The Guardian
Cross River Assembly reads riot act to multinationals
Cross River State House of Assembly has ordered Wilmar PZ and other multinationals to obey the laws of the state or face the music, following community complaints of exploitation and land grabbing by Wilmar at its plantations.
16 Oct 2019 Asean Post
Dying for land in Lao?
Villagers detained for defending their lands from land grabs were beaten and subjected to electric shocks in the days following their arrest, with another later reported to have died in custody.
16 Oct 2019
Ivory Coast law could see chocolate industry ‘wipe out’ protected forests
Critics condemn move placing thousands of square miles of rainforest under control of international companies, such as Olam and Siat.
16 Oct 2019
Rapina delle terre e deforestazioni, olio di palma e soia OGM. #Buycott!
La campagna di sensibilizzazione #Buycott inizia il 4 agosto 2019, in reazione all'emergenza climatica denunciata da Antonio Gutierrez, segretario generale ONU. Partendo dalla descrizione del land grabbing, un manifesto programmatico per stare dalla parte dell'Ambiente, dicendo no ad agricoltura e allevamenti intensivi.
15 Oct 2019 Dutch News
Dutch development bank funded projects tied to murder, land-grabs: report.
The Dutch newspaper Trouw identified at least seven projects that FMO funded in which the companies involved were connected to murder, intimidation, environmental damage, arbitrary arrests and land grabbing.
15 Oct 2019 Arab News
Saudi Arabia and Russia sign up to closer ties with 20 new deals
The Russian Direct Investment Fund and the Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company signed an agreement to join forces in the search of investment projects in the Russian agricultural sector
15 Oct 2019 Farm Weekly
Australia: CPC and Terra Firma bosses buying back the farm
Terra Firma, founded by British multi-millionaire Guy Hands, has owned CPC since 2009 when it paid James Packer and partners about $425m for what was then a 5.6m hectare estate.
15 Oct 2019 Trouw
Nederlandse ontwikkelingsbank financiert landroof en andere misstanden
De Nederlandse ontwikkelingsbank financiert projecten waar misstanden voorkomen, blijkt uit onderzoek van Trouw.
14 Oct 2019 China Dialogue
Chinese banana plantations bring work and pollution to Laos
Banana plantations are raising local salaries but the chemicals used are poisoning rivers and land
14 Oct 2019 Actualité CD
RDC : Greenpeace Afrique alerte sur les violations de droits humains suite à un conflit forestier dans la province de Tshopo
Greenpeace Afrique alerte sur des violations de droits humains dans un conflit forestier opposant la communauté Yalifombo et la société Plantations et Huileries du Congo SA (PHC) appartenant à la firme canadienne Feronia Inc dans la province de la Tshopo.
13 Oct 2019 Le Vif
Combien de temps la Belgique restera-t-elle complice des crimes des multinationales?
Un traité contraignant visant à garantir le respect des droit humains par les firmes transnationales est urgent vu l'ampleur des violations commises par des sociétés comme la SOCFIN en Sierra Leone
11 Oct 2019
Land grabbing e cambiamento climatico, il rapporto IPCC 2019
Deforestazione e acquisizione di terreni in violazione dei diritti umani provocano cambiamento climatico e danni alle popolazioni: #Buycott!
10 Oct 2019 Xalima
Sénégal : Non aux exigences de réforme foncière de la Banque mondiale !
La politique de Macky Sall n’a pas pu mettre fin à l’accaparement des terres rurales qui, en 2016, transmettait 270.908 hectares, soit 3% des terres arables, à 18 privés, dont 6 Sénégalais, 9 français et 3 autres étrangers, selon Ibrahima Sene
10 Oct 2019 Bloomberg
Indonesia finds one-fifth of palm oil plantations are illegal
About 19% of Indonesia’s palm oil plantations are unlicensed. The government now plans to take back unplanted palm oil concessions.

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