Office du Niger: towards the resumption of works at the Malibya project site

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(Translated by GRAIN from the original in French)
Office du Niger: towards the resumption of works at the Malibya project site
A delegation from "Malibya Agriculture" led by Mr. Hussin Elansary was received in audience by the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Nango Dembélé, on Monday 17 September 2018. The Minister was accompanied by Honorable Amadou Araba Doumbia, elected MP in Niono. The interview focused on a possible revival of Libyan investment in the Office du Niger zone.
For those who do not know, the Malibya project is part of our government’s promotion of private investment. Our country allocated 100,000 hectares of land to the Malibya Agriculture Society through an investment agreement in the agricultural sector signed in 2008. This was done in accordance with the vision and aspirations of the then president, Amadou Toumani Toure, and the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's to make agriculture work as a model for South / South cooperation.
In June 2014, a land lease for 25 000 hectares was granted by the Office du Niger to Malibya Agriculture, with conditions on the use of land and water. Since the signing of this agreement, several activities have been carried out, including the extension of the Boky Wéré Fala canal and the Malibya Agriculture main canal for 40 kilometers. In addition, 40 km of paved road that runs alongside the canals have been built for an estimated amount of 25 billion CFA francs. A study for the development of 25 000 hectares has been conducted, costing more than 900 million FCFA. These achievements were made between 2008 and 2010. It is unfortunate that, since the political crisis in Libya and the coup d'état in Mali in 2012, the project has made no concrete achievements, despite the multiple letters from Office du Niger to Malibya. The new country authorities intend to invest in this area too, to boost agriculture through the development of hundreds of thousands of hectares. 
The Libyan delegation, under the leadership of Mr. Hussin Elansary, came to seek the support of the Department of Agriculture for the completion of this important project which is likely to provide both parties enormous benefits in terms of job creation and food and nutrition security. Three segments are envisaged for this purpose: rice production, horticultural production and animal production.
The Minister reassured the Libyan delegation by confirming the interest of the Malian government in this gigantic farmland development project covering 100,000 hectares in the Office du Niger zone. He welcomed this first contact which will be followed by working sessions with the executives of the different departments involved in the realisation of the Malibya project.
The audience was lifted on the promise that the president of the Agricultural Investment Fund of Libya will visit very soon in order to meet with the highest authorities of Mali.
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