• Cambodia farm land sold to wealthy nations
    • Channel 4 (UK)
    • 29 January 2009

    Never mind the food miles: when prices are soaring around the world some countries have found a way of keeping their own consumers happy - farming out their farms overseas. One of Asia’s poorest countries, Cambodia, is at the top of their wish list.

  • Madagascar n'est pas à vendre
    • Daily Motion
    • 10 January 2009

    The Malagasy people staunchly oppose the grabbing of their lands and call on the Korean government, the leaders of Daewoo Logistics and the Korean people to take their resposibilities so that this project is called off!

  • Abu Dhabi seeks to lease land for farming in Sudan.
    • YouTube
    • 06 July 2008

    A news video from UAE

  • Agricultural investment
    • Real Investments Television
    • 06 June 2008

    Agacpita President Steven Johnston explains the philosophy of investing in farmland

  • Cameroun : La Chine exploite le riz
    • bonaberi.com
    • 01 May 2008

    Les Chinois achètent en masse les terres exploitables au Cameroun pour produire du riz en masse, et ainsi profiter de la flambée des prix sur le marché mondial

  • Western Australia: Big money to buy up the family farm
    • YouTube
    • 25 October 2007

    Agricultural land trusts and corporate players may take a bigger chunk of Australia's arable land with global market dynamics making rural land purchases more attractive investments.

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