• Ethiopia: Ask WEF on Africa about land grabs in Oromia and other states
    • Gadaa.com
    • 01 May 2010

    Question - via video - to the 2010 World Economic Forum on Africa in Dar es Salaam on land grabbing in Ethiopia

  • Agribusiness opportunities in South America
    • IndusLatin
    • 29 April 2010

    Video of a speech by Dave Ramaswamy of Allied Venture about the opportunities for India to outsource its agriculture to Latin America.

  • Organisation paysanne du Bénin dénonce l'accaparement des terres
    • LC2 (Bénin)
    • 26 April 2010

    Reportage sur la conférence de presse organisée par Synergie Paysanne, le 26 avril 2010 à Cotonou, Bénin

  • Ethiopia's abundant farming investments leave many still hungry
    • PBS
    • 22 April 2010

    In Ethiopia, farms backed by foreign investors are growing with abundance, while native farmers subsist on food aid.

  • Brazilian farms sow seeds of openness
    • Financial Times
    • 14 April 2010

    “It’s not common in Brazil to find farmers presenting accounts to international investors. What you can see here is the new model for agribusiness in Brazil,” says André Pessôa, co-ordinator of the Rally da Safra.

  • Chinese bid for NZ dairy creates concern
    • TVNZ
    • 25 Mar 2010

    "The Chinese want a secure food supply, and they're coming into New Zealand to do that, by the look of it," a local farm union official says

  • Cambodian farmers rise up over "land-grabbing"
    • Reuters
    • 19 Mar 2010

    In a move to attract foreign investment, Cambodia has awarded big concessions to companies, mainly from China, Vietnam and South Korea, to run mines, power plants and farms, leading to a rise in forced evictions by state officials profiting on the sale and lease of farmland for use by foreign and local companies.

  • Doit-on protéger nos terres?
    • RDI
    • 17 Mar 2010

    Selon l'économiste Marc Urbain Proulx, les groupes chinois sont prêts à contourner la loi en faisant acheter les terres par des personnes qui résident au Québec.

  • Mali : La ruée vers les terres
    • Radio Canada
    • 12 Mar 2010

    Reportage sur le projet de MALIBYA, une société libyenne, au Mali.

  • Québec : Terres à vendre
    • Radio Canada
    • 12 Mar 2010

    Les campagnes du Canada et du Québec attirent de plus en plus d'investisseurs chinois à la recherche de terres agricoles ou de fermes à vendre.

  • Les terres québécoises attirent les Chinois
    • Radio Canada
    • 11 Mar 2010

    Plusieurs pays avec une forte croissance démographique cherchent à acquérir des terres agricoles hors de leurs frontières, avec en toile de fond la crise alimentaire. Cette quête conduit notamment des entreprises chinoises à s'intéresser à des terres arables au Québec.

  • Foreign agro firms scoop up Ethiopian farmland
    • VOA
    • 22 February 2010

    "What Karuturi is doing is what Africa needs, wants and deserves," says Ram Karuturi. Yet 400 Ethiopians have signed a petition saying they received no compensation after being evicted from land taken over by Karuturi.

  • Send a letter calling on the financial backers of Agilis Partners to stop the land grabs and human rights violations against the Kiryandongo community in Uganda
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