Voices from the London International Oromo Workshop

GRAIN | 12 July 2010

The 4th London International Oromo Workshop was held on July 3rd, 2010. This year's workshop was entitled: "The scramble for land, ‘investment’ and environmental degradation in Oromia: Consequences for the future".

Below are some extracts of interviews with some of the presenters at the workshop.

Professor Mekuria Bulcha, Malardalen University, Sweden


Dr. Bahiru Dhuguma, Agriculture Development Officer, USAID, USA

Dr. Marco Bassi, Oxford University


Nyikaw Ochalla, Anywaa Survival Organisation, UK

Gosaye Fida, London International Oromo Workshop, UK


Addise Dheressa, London International Oromo Workshop, UK

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Whos Involved?

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