In a Post-COVID world govt must drop plans for bankable customary land

With the COVID-19 pandemic still expanding across the globe, ACT NOW is urging the PNG government to drop its plans to put customary land into the hands of commercial banks. The COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated once again that customary land is a vital and irreplaceable resource for families and communities.

Cambodia urged to rethink Chinese ties, land policies to recover from pandemic

People's Coalition on Food Sovereignty, GRAIN, and Ponlok Khmer urged the government of Cambodia to return disputed land from Chinese company Hengfu Group Sugar Industry to the Khmer and Indigenous Kuy communities. The groups expressed solidarity with the Indigenous Kuy people who continue to assert their legitimate land rights even amid the global health crisis.

Selling out West Papua

A video investigation on allegations of fraud and human rights abuses in billion-dollar land deals in West Papua, Indonesia to develop oil palm plantation.