04 DEC 2013
International workshop on WTO, global landgrabbing and resistance

Workshop is part of the People’s Global Camp hosted by the Indonesian People’s Alliance in cooperation with global networks opposed to World Trade Organization and neo-liberal globalization

Asia Peasant Coalition
03 DEC 2013
Les banques en Belgique financent l’accaparement de terres - Quelle régulation du secteur ?

Conférence de presse / mardi 03 décembre, 11h, au CNCD-11.11.11 (9 quai du commerce, 1000 Bruxelles)

Le CNCD-11.11.11, SOS Faim, Oxfam Solidarité, FairFin, Réseau Financement Alternatif et 11.11.11 vous convient à leur conférence de presse pour la présentation du rapport « Les banques en Belgique financent l’accaparement de terres. Quelle régulation du secteur ? ».
Le rapport dénonce le système financier actuel et le manque de cadre légal belge comme européen dans le phénomène d’accaparement de terres. Il pointe notamment les produits financiers d’une dizaine de banques actives en Belgique finançant des entreprises activement responsables d’acquisition de terres à grande échelle. Ces pratiques financières pèsent sur le droit à l’alimentation de dizaines de millions de personnes dans le monde.

A cette occasion, Anton Widjaya, directeur de Walhi Friends of the earth Indonesia présentera le rapport « Commodity Crimes. Illicit land grabs, illegal palm oil, and endangered orangutans » et témoignera des récentes pratiques d’accaparement de terres en Indonésie : déforestation illégale, conflits fonciers avec les populations locales…

Les ONG présenteront leurs recommandations pour mettre fin aux politiques favorisant l’accaparement de terre et pour une meilleure régulation du secteur financier.

Possibilités d’images : deux vidéos présentées en avant-première dénonçant le financement de l’accaparement ; possibilités d’interviews des différents intervenants.

Contact presse
Grégory Dhen
Attaché de presse au CNCD-11.11.11
Cellule 'communication'
gregory.dhen cncd.be
+32 (0) 2 613 30 33 / +32 (0) 485 46 99 23

CNCD-11.11.11, SOS Faim, Oxfam Solidarité, FairFin, RFA, 11.11.11
15 NOV 2013
Telang Usan Hotel, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Land, Justice and Human Rights: A Forum on the Situation of the Indigenous People in Sarawak

Sarawak is a resource-rich land. Sixty percent of its 2.2 million people belong to indigenous groups collectively known as the Dayak. As indigenous peoples (IPs), the Dayaks are supposedly protected under the Constitution of Malaysia and their rights particularly recognized as Native Customary Rights (NCR) in Sarawak. Sadly, the survival of Dayak communities in the rainforests is being threatened and their human rights violated by large-scale palm oil production and logging.

Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (SADIA), Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific (PAN AP)
09 OCT 2013
Seminario internacional: concentración y acaparamiento de tierras, desarrollo rural y derecho a la alimentación

Del 9 al 11 de octubre de 2013 se llevará a cabo en la Universidad Externado de Colombia un seminario internacional sobre concentración y acaparamiento de tierras, desarrollo rural y derecho a la alimentación, con la participación de importantes expertos de Brasil, Holanda, Argentina, México, Camboya, Francia y Colombia.

Universidad Externado de Colombia, el Instituto Colombiano de Antropología e Historia y FoodFirst Information and Action Network, FIAN
19 SEP 2013
Scaling-up strategies to secure community land and resource rights

This international conference will bring together a wide diversity of stakeholders — governments, local communities, Indigenous Peoples’ organizations, private investors, food and resource companies, and conservation organizations — that have a direct, common, and urgent interest in clarifying and securing the ownership of these lands and resources.

RRI, Helvetas, Oxfam, ILC, IUCN
14 SEP 2013
New Haven
Food sovereignty: A critical dialogue

The event will bring together leading scholars and political activists who are advocates of and sympathetic to the idea of food sovereignty, as well as those who are skeptical to the concept of food sovereignty to foster a critical and productive dialogue on the issue.

Yale University
02 SEP 2013
Africa pensions & sovereign funds investment forum

The 2nd Annual Africa Pensions and Sovereign Funds Investment Forum is scheduled for the 2nd – 4th of September 2013 at the Langham Hotel in London.

The annual Africa Pensions and Sovereign Funds Investment Forum will host African and international investment funds seeking to access growth opportunities driven by the continents extractive natural resources, rapidly expanding consumer class, arable land and farm resources, and remarkably improved governance across African states.

With over 95% returning participants; this investment series is the most comprehensive Africa focused investment funds and asset managers forum bringing together over 200 senior decision-makers; and a speaking faculty of more than 70 thought leaders meticulously selected from around the globe. The forum explores contemporary issues impacting investment funds and managers in Africa and other frontier markets. It is designed to bring together an exclusive network of foremost pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, development finance institutions and asset managers focused on the intersection of macro-economic developments, capital markets, traditional and alternative investments in African markets.

MN Capital
28 AUG 2013
Live webinar
Foreign investment in African farmland: Opportunities and risks

Senior analyst at Deutsche Bank Research Dr. Claire Schaffnit-Chatterjee looks at the opportunities and risks related to African farmland acquisitions in this August 28 webinar at 11:00 am San Francisco time.

There is no charge to register for this one-hour webinar, but space is limited. To reserve your seat, please visit, www.i2live.net.

Deutsche Bank / i2Live
15 AUG 2013
Pan African Land Hearing

The Pan African Land hearing looks to recognise and profile the struggles of ordinary people. It will give those affected by land grabs the opportunity to share their experiences and to explore with a high level panel what can be done to defend their rights and receive justice where they have been violated.

• Professor Olokushi Adebayo: Director of the African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (IDEP)
• Kumi Naidoo: Greenpeace International Executive Director
• Hon. Sisa Njikelana: Committee of Agriculture of the Pan African Parliament
• Eric Wainaina: Musician from Kenya and,
• Maya Wegerif: Young Activist from South Africa.

AAid, Oxfam, PLAAS, Future Ags
25 JUN 2013
Land issues in Europe: From land grabbing to land reform

From land grabbing to land reform

Organized by GUE/NGL in cooperation with European Coordination Via Campesina

Conference on Land Issues in Europe: from Land Grabbing to Land Reform

25th of June 2013, from 9h00 till 12h30, European Parliament ASP 1G2 - Brussels

Interpretation: EN ES FR PT DE

Live webcast: http://www.guengl.eu/news/article/events/hearing-land-issues-in-europe

9h00 - 9h20: Welcome and Introduction
• Welcome : Gabi Zimmer President GUE/NGL (Germany)
• Introduction : Javier Sanchez, Member of the ECVC Coordination Committee

9h20-10h30: 1st Panel – Access to Land, land concentration and land grabbing
• Jan Douwe van der Ploeg, Professor at Wageningen University in the Netherlands - Presentation of the Land Grabbing Report
• Willy Schuster, Ecoruralis, Romanian national case study
• Eva García Sempere, Coordinator of the Spatial Planning and Environment Unit of IU-Andalusia : "Land Grabbing in Andalusia (Spain): Preparation of the Land Public Bank project" Moderator: Willy Meyer, GUE/NGL MEP (Spain)

10h30 – 11h00: Press Conference/ Coffee break.

11h00 – 12h10: 2nd Panel - Are the EU and national policies favoring equal access to land and the entry into farming by prospective (young and small) farmers?
• Tassos Haniotis, Director - European Commission, DG Agriculture - Economic analysis, perspectives and evaluations.
• Patrick Le HYARIC, MEP GUE/NGL (France)
• Antonio Onorati, ARI and President of Crocevia - Proposal for a EU Directive on Lands
• Andrea Ferrante, Member of the ECVC Coordination Committee
Moderator: Geneviève Savigny, Member of the ECVC Coordination Committee

12h10-12h30: Debate and conclusions by Joao Ferreira, MEP GUE/NGL (Portugal)

For futher information: [email protected] + 32 2 284 7557

press contact: Gianfranco Battistini [email protected] + 32 475 646628

  • Women living near the #Socapalm oil palm plantation in Edéa, Cameroon, are struggling for their land, autonomy and livelihoods. Please read their account and sign in support before 15 December: https://forms.gle/gBKbFCv2Bizzpfbt7
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