Turkey the winner in Gulf's investment hunt
    As the increase in oil prices continue to help boost the income of Persian Gulf nations, Turkey is becoming a magnet for Gulf-based investors aiming to establish strategic food reserves
    • Turkish Daily News
    • 01 Sep 2008
    Alimentation: Ruée vers les terres agricoles
    L'Etat cède 880000 hectares de terre arable pour 670 millions d'euros. Publiée mi-août par le Financial Times, l'annonce du gouvernement soudanais n'est plus vraiment une nouveauté. Comme d'autres avant lui, le pays est prêt à céder un territoire presque aussi grand que l'Ile-de-France à des investisseurs étrangers trop contents de s'exécuter.
    • Le Journal du Dimanche
    • 26 Aug 2008
    Saudi setting up fund to buy agriculture land abroad
    Oil-giant Saudi Arabia plans to set up a new investment fund to buy agricultural land overseas in an effort to meet rising food demand in the Middle East’s largest economy, a Saudi official said.
    • Zawya Dow Jones
    • 26 Aug 2008
    UAE to invest in Kazakh agriculture
    The United Arab Emirates is seeking to invest in agricultural projects in Kazakhstan as part of its efforts to secure food supplies.
    • Financial Times
    • 16 Jul 2008
    Arabs diversifying overseas investment
    Globalisation has taken yet another twist with some Middle Eastern countries deciding to grow their crops in other countries.
    • Dawn
    • 23 Jun 2008
    Gulf states seeking food security
    The Dubai-based think-tank Gulf Research Centre, in its food inflation report released last month, noted that agriculture production in the six-member Gulf Cooperation Council’s (GCC) countries is on the decline, and its exposure to unstable global food supplies would increase in the future. It called on the GCC to develop links with countries rich in arable land.
    • Dawn
    • 23 Jun 2008
    Saudis plan to grow crops overseas
    Saudi Arabia has unveiled plans to develop large-scale overseas agricultural projects to secure food supplies, revealing that Riyadh is in discussions with Ukraine, Pakistan, Sudan, Turkey and Egypt.
    • Financial Times
    • 13 Jun 2008
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