MoA, Turkish co sign 23.7m Br lease for cotton

The MoA has identified a total of 2.6 million ha of land fit for cultivation of cotton, which is equivalent to what Pakistan, the fourth largest cotton producer in the world, uses for the same purpose.

Hassad Food plans to invest $700mn in global projects

Hassad Food Company intends to invest $500mn to $700mn this year for projects across the world as part of its mission to ensure food security for Qatar, chairman and managing director Nasser bin Mohamed Mubarak al-Fuhaid al-Hajri has said.

Saudia Arabia eyes US for ag investing, contracts

Saudi Arabian investors are looking to expand their agricultural investments in the United States to secure long-term food supply because of water shortages in the desert kingdom, Saudi officials said on Thursday.

Kuwait hunts for agro-food investments in Turkey

Kuwaiti firms and other Gulf Cooperation Council members are looking to invest in agriculture and food in Turkey, and could sign a number of contacts this year, the head of Turkey's investment agency said on Sunday.