07 Jun 2011 GRAIN
El Banco Mundial se propone inyectar dinero a uno de los acaparadores de tierras agrícolas mas grandes de América Latina
El 10 de junio de 2011, la junta directiva de la Corporación Financiera Internacional (CFI) del Banco Mundial tiene previsto decidir sobre la conveniencia de ofrecer un préstamo esencial para Calyx Agro Ltd.
07 Jun 2011 GRAIN
World Bank set to finance one of Latin America's largest farmland grabbers
On 10 June 2011, the board of the World Bank's International Finance Corporation will likely approve a loan that will enable a company controlled by France's Louis Dreyfus Group to significantly expand its farmland holdings in the Southern Cone.
07 Jun 2011 GRAIN
La Banque mondiale s’apprête à financer l’un des plus grands accapareurs de terres agricoles en Amérique latine
Le 10 juin 2011, les administrateurs de la Société financière internationale de la Banque mondiale vont probablement accorder un prêt qui permettra à une société appartenant au Groupe (français) Louis-Dreyfus d’élargir considérablement ses holdings agricoles dans le Cône Sud.
30 Nov 2009 La Terre
Wall Street fait main basse sur les terres agricoles
Sous l’œil bienveillant de l’ONU, les grands noms de la finance s’accaparent des régions agricoles entières.
01 Mar 2009 Revista 2010
Los nuevos dueños de la tierra
Según cálculos de la Federación Argaria Argentina, casi un 10 por ciento del territorio nacional está vendido a extranjeros o a la venta
11 Oct 2008 PE Hub
PE looks at Brazilian agriculture
Private equity funds remain optimistic that Brazil’s farm sector offers investment opportunities despite the deteriorating world credit market, executives said on Thursday.
15 Sep 2008
All about investing in agricultural land
As with timberland, while direct ownership and management (i.e., being a farmer), is a possibility, such a route is similarly fraught with difficulties. One of the most significant of these is the issue of diversification in the farmland itself - especially with a single investment. A well-diversified holding of farmland (row crop, permanent crop, pasture and even timber) will, therefore, not only require a significant investment, but may also involve land holdings in a number of different locations.
08 Jul 2008 Indonesia Investmenet Coordinating Board
Financializing Food: Schroders Closes One Fund, Launches New as Speculative Money Continues to Flood into Commodity Funds
Gobal fund manager Schroders is launching an Agricultural Land Fund, only months after closing its USD 6 billion Alternative Solutions Agriculture Fund due to excessive investor demand.
05 Jun 2008 New York Times
Food Is Gold, So Billions Invested in Farming
Huge investment funds have already poured hundreds of billions of dollars into booming financial markets for commodities like wheat, corn and soybeans. But a few big private investors are starting to make bolder and longer-term bets that the world’s need for food will greatly increase — by buying farmland, fertilizer, grain elevators and shipping equipment.


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