Cambodia: Preah Vihear land dispute drags on

Preah Vihear provincial authorities have requested villagers to stop clearing disputed land and wait for authorities to find a solution according to the “tiger skin formula”, which aims to reduce the impact of economic land concessions.

Des plaignants cambodgiens contre Bolloré privés de visa

Onze Cambodgiens représentant les 77 membres de l’ethnie bunong ayant attaqué le groupe Bolloré pour le développement de plantations dans leur province ne pourront pas assister à une audience à laquelle ils sont pourtant convoqués, le 12 février.

ANZ bank issued rare rebuke by Australian oversight body

ANZ Banking Group violated its own policies and international human rights standards by providing 40 million $ loan to a Cambodian sugar company that seized land from local farmers, according to a statement released by Australian government body that monitors corporate behavior overs.