Conflicts simmer over land concessions

The Cambodian government’s moves to allocate vast tracts of land to foreign and local companies are often done without consulting local villagers.

Cambodian farmers rise up over "land-grabbing"

In a move to attract foreign investment, Cambodia has awarded big concessions to companies, mainly from China, Vietnam and South Korea, to run mines, power plants and farms, leading to a rise in forced evictions by state officials profiting on the sale and lease of farmland for use by foreign and local companies.

Oz-based fund eyes $600m in agro-tech

Peter Costello, the former treasurer of Australia, revealed Wednesday he was working with an investment fund that planned to inject US$600 million into Cambodia’s agricultural sector. The projects will cover a vast area, about 100,000 hectares.

Wikileaks: UAE develops food security policy

"Al Shariqi said that while the government does not have foreign agricultural investments, some UAE sheikhs personally own land in Pakistan, Egypt, Australia and New Zealand," reports the US mission in Abu Dhabi