Le Parlement européen accable le régime Hun Sen

Dans une résolution adoptée en session plénière à Strasbourg, les députés s'en prennent vivement à la "politique brutale d'accaparement des terres au détriment essentiellement des pauvres, l'étouffement de toute forme de critique et de protestation."

Cambodia “future of world rice”

Indian rice exporter Amira Group plans to acquire 25,000 hectares of agricultural land in Cambodia, and is discussing further farnland acquisitions with the governments of Angola and Sierra Leone.

World Bank land alert

In Cambodia, an assessment of the impact of foreign farmland acquisitions has been hampered by a lack of data, including the total number of concessions awarded and an accurate set of GPS coordinates for each concession, the World Bank says.

Hassad Food plans to invest $700mn in global projects

Hassad Food Company intends to invest $500mn to $700mn this year for projects across the world as part of its mission to ensure food security for Qatar, chairman and managing director Nasser bin Mohamed Mubarak al-Fuhaid al-Hajri has said.